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Evaluation Question 2

No description

Usman Shabaz

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 2 - How does your media product represent particuluar socail group? There are many similarities between these characters one main similarity is, that something new in there life occurs, something that comes to haunt them again from the past. Also when both character's change their clothes they are met by someone who is about to change their lives. Their style and personalities are very different though, Neo from The Matrix has a very scared and unsociable personality, where as Mr Carlos form The Betrayal 1989 has a very bold and curious personality. One thing for sure is that as the storyline moves on not only do these both character's change their clothing but also their personality, confidence and status changes with time. Mr Carlos is a very self-made, successful man who as acomplished everything he has ever dreamed or even thought about, whether that would be with honesty and truth or with lies and cheat. Mr Carlos has no family and lives on his own, surrounded by servants and body guards following his every instruction and fulfiling his every need. Mr Carlos has a phrase which he says when ever trust is in the question, "i trust no one, not even myself". Mr Carlos has a very well known rival that he beat in 1989 and has been known ever since for that legendary victory of Mr Rico Swarve. Mr Rico Swarve was a very a very acomplished self-made millionaire untill the late 1980's, where he lost everything in a very tragic way to his rival Mr Carlos. Mr Rico Swarve has not been seen for a whole decade between 1989 and 1999, no one seems to know where he had been since 13th march 1989. In a short interview before the clash of the titans Mr Rico Swarve said, "if today is the day my luck runs out it wont be just the money i'll be losing out on it'll also be my pride and respect which took me longer to build then this empire itself". Mr Rico Swarve has been awarded many times for best personality of the year, and follows on giving inspiring talks to young children trying to create a spark in them like the one he has in him. 'There are many similarities between these two characters. The most noticable one is the clothing, as you can see both characters are wearing suits. The clothing makes them look very professional. Another similarity would be that the both have been decieved and are looking for revenge. A difference would be that The Hitman has been decieved by his own people where as Mr Rico Swarve has been deceived by his rival. Antagonist Protagonist
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