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Different types of digital media

No description

Josh Baudains

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Different types of digital media

Different types of digital media Simulation – flight, driving, training, simulation, games Customer service Multimedia products: Virtual tour – Xerox, Google earth/street view Input method – keyboard, graphics tablet/touchscreen, stylus, mouse, touch pad, motion detection/kinect, video & still camera, voice recognition Content:
Text, images, graphics, video, sound, animation, transitions, menus, sub menus, buttons, age restriction, size, color, placement, orientation, inconsistent design. Copyright:
name of game, character design, storyline (plagiarism) use of sound Digital media: Website Animation Sound recording Video recording Purpose of multimedia: Entertainment and leisure Evidence Publishing Education & learning Digital poster (like a smart board) Limited interactivity, movies via DVD/Blu-ray Advert/quiz/questionnaire/exam/test (limited interactivity) Fully interactive media: Virtual world MMORPG Digital story Designing a multimedia product: Audience – number of pages Marketing This could be the use of CCTV and just standard film and phone cameras A advert aimed to show of a company business, and aimed to be of interest to viewers The advertising of brands, books, companies etc. on other formats This can be the use of computerized text, photos on a system e.g a smart board All websites are a form of digital media, YouTube in particular consists of a large amount of user generated videos An example of digital animation, anime, which is both a form of computerized and hand drawn design A recording of sound using apiece of hardware (Camera, microphone etc.) A digital recording of video data from another source A computer generated software aimed as both for entertainment and for the learning and developing of skills A huge open-world game consisting of 1000's of people on a single server, aimed for the purpose of entertainment An interactive story which the player is given the chance to alter and experience for themselves A geographical, real-time graphic and accurate projection The usage of a sound/graphic/name of an existing game, sound and video etc. A device that is separate form an individual system, although can be plugged in or registered to be used on that system This is the primary from of the designing and creation of video games/films it can also the primary outcome Used for advertising products via a electronic poster/websites A service of help and advice can be through talking in person as of media a conversation can be hold over a phone, a website, and even through social networks like Skype Video's, movies, songs, and games can all be streamed through the web, sites like Netflix offer a huge selection of films and TV programs
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