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Why we should get a dog?

No description

Leila Narisetti

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Why we should get a dog?

Why we should get a dog?
By Leila Narisetti

1. Dogs keep everyone healthy and active.
A study from the University Of London has determined that kids with dogs are more active, and exercise more often, than kids without dogs. After all, it’s a lot more fun and interesting to go jogging with your dog than alone.
A recent study has shown that children with dogs are actually healthier than those without dogs, reporting fewer coughs, runny noses, and ear infections. The reason, researchers believe, is because dogs will track in dirt, mud, and other germ-infested bits of earth, thereby boosting the child’s immune system.
The British Medical Journal has concluded that dogs act as “social catalysts,” who help people get out more, approach others more easily, and overall reduce isolation. This is actually more important than the basic companionship that dogs provide, as human social support is more beneficial to human health.
Sleep all night
Have you ever been asleep and woken up and even though you are in a room with someone? You feel alone. Well not anymore. When you have a dog you are never alone, he or she is right next to you there sleeping away.
Fun all day
Dogs provide joy, they make you laugh and it is proven that laughing lets you live longer. Your dog is doing you a huge favor right there! Dogs make you feel happy every single day. If one day you are feeling down and you come home and BOOM. Your dog will be doing something so silly that you will laugh and you will feel better.
In conclusion, I Leila Narisetti, feel that our family gets a dog. I have also gotten my sister, Zola Narisetti's approval. And I would appreciate it if I got your approval as well.

I understand that the apartment is being renovated but as soon as it is done, we should definitely get a dog and/or a month before we move in to the other apartment so we could train it.
Dogs are best friends
Dogs serve as many things. But there are some main reasons that stand out. In this power point, I will take you on a journey on why we need to have a dog. This power point will have reasons, facts, scientific studies and pictures.

I am pretty sure you will be convinced by the end of this prezi.
This power point is sponsored by Narisetti Corp.
This prezi was made by yours truly Leila Narisetti
The International Journal of Workplace Health Management has discovered that workers who have their dog around while they work helps them work faster and keep them energized. Dogs have also been proven to make people smarter.
My Allergies
I know you all are worried about my allergies, but if we train our dog to my allergies he will be able to detect them. Food allergies are nothing to sneeze at; luckily, dogs have been shown they can be trained to detect certain allergens. So if you’re allergic to peanut butter, the dog will alert you if it detects anything with the scent of peanut in the room. Same with any other danger that may harm you or a loved one.
Save a life
When you adopt a dog, you are getting a puppy of the street. You are saving the life of the puppy. By adopting a dog, you have made that one dog very happy and grateful that they found such an awesome house with loving people. Who wouldn't want to turn that dog's sad frown upside down?
If there are any questions please ask me now, I would be happy to answer. I would also like to remind you that I put a lot of work into this power point. And I did not just have this information just laying around in my head, I used a very reliable source.
Works Cited
"20 Reasons You Absolutely Need A Dog In Your Life." Distractify. Web. 07 June 2014. <http://news.distractify.com/geek/science/reasons-you-absolutely-need-a-dog-in-your-life/>.

"Should You Adopt a Puppy or an Adult or Senior Dog? - Petfinder." Petfinder Should You Adopt a Puppy or an Adult or Senior Dog Comments. Web. 11 June 2014. <https://www.petfinder.com/pet-adoption/dog-adoption/puppies-vs-senior-dog-adoption/>.
Puppy Vs. Adult Dog
Your puppy will need to be trained so that she knows what you want her to do and not do. She will need lots of safe exercise and play so that her body develops properly, and she will need you to socialize her with other people and animals so that she feels comfortable in the world. As she learns and grows, she’ll get into things, chew, make messes, and have accidents in the house. All in all, a puppy is a tremendous amount of work — much more than many unsuspecting adopters realize. Does this mean you shouldn’t adopt a puppy from a shelter or rescue group? Not at all — many wonderful dogs grow from puppies who didn’t have the best start in life. But you do need to be aware that even a young puppy has a history, and you may need to give her some extra care to make up for it.
Puppy Vs. Adult Dog
When you choose an adult dog, you have a pretty good idea what you’re getting. You can see her physical traits and get some idea of her basic temperament, even though dogs in shelters and dogs newly in rescue foster homes may not always show their true personality right away. Still, with the guidelines we offer you later in this book, you can select a behaviorally sound dog who will improve and blossom once settled into your loving home.
Thank you!
I hope you took this power point into consideration.
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