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Library Orientation

No description

Stefany Guido

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Library Orientation

Inside voices (You should always speak at or below a whisper)


Treat the books like they are your friends.

Two book chek-out limit

Respect your classmates space and the library space.
Library Orientation
Good behavior is rewarded with PBIS dollars

Exceptional behavior is rewarded with BOOK COUPONS

You will be given 2 warnings and the second warning will result in a color change.

If you are warned during free check-out time you will loose time from this privilege.
Library Vocabulary
Can you think of any words that you use in the library?
Library Vocabulary
Raise your hand and give me one library vocabulary word.
I Have...Who Has
Everyone has a card. On the card you have an answer and a question.

We will take turns answering and asking our questions.
Ms. Guido

What rules do you remember from the library last year?
(turn and talk)
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