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Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

Rhode Island Top 50 Program: Charging Stations for electric vehicles.

Andrew Shubel

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Planning Rhode Island Top 50 Project Electricity can be generated from a wide range of energy sources:
Clean Energy
Renewable energy

Charging vehicles at night will help balance the demand on the electrical grid. Efficiency Why Electric Drive? Electric Vehicles use energy more efficiently than internal combustion engines (ICE) MPGe:
Miles per gallon equivalent Low Fuel Costs! A gallon of gasoline has the energy equivalent of 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity Roughly $0.04 per mile
Stable electricity pricing $ $ Energy Security Improved Air Quality Greenhouse gasses
Smog-forming emissions
Other pollutants Vehicles Convenient: home refueling

No transmission: smooth acceleration, quiet

Low maintenance: no oil changes, spark plugs, etc. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles: PHEVs $7,500 Federal Tax Credit Chevy Volt
38 Mile Range

Ford C-Max Energi
Range TBD
est. $29,995

Toyota Prius Plug-In
11 Mile Range
$32,000 Top 50 Project Partners: The Top 50 Project intends to implement a network of 50 charging stations that will allow Rhode Islanders to drive and re-charge electric vehicles throughout the state. Mission: Small State
Less Range Anxiety Completed Network! Prioritize sites: EVSE Equipment Best Locations: Start Current EVSEs Public Access
Nearby Local Attractions
1-3 Hour Turnover
Access to 240V Electrical service Electric Vehicles : EVs Wickford Junction | Schneider Electric Shopping Centers Public Libraries McCoy Stadium Providence Place Mall Hospitals Beaches Roger Williams Park RI Convention Center South County Commons Town Hall Downtown / Main St. Municipal Tourism Newport Preservation Society Lincoln Mall Food Restaurants Supermarkets Parking High Traffic Finding EVSE Hosts 2 Vehicle Capacity
Retractable Cords
Credit Card Capability
Lighted EV 99MPG - $0.04
Prius 50MPG - $0.08
ICE 25MPG - $0.16 Nissan leaf:
73 Mile Range

Mitsubishi i:
62 Mile Range

Ford Focus Electric:
76 Mile Range
$31,700 Energy is stored in Lithium-Ion batteries, drives vehicle through an electric motor. Lithium-Ion Batteries &
internal combustion engine Drives off electric power stored in the battery Gasoline engine powers the vehicle after the charge is depleted Electric driving like an EV

Long-distance range like a traditional hybrid Cost per Mile
($4/gallon) South County Commons Accessible
Location on rt1
Multi-Use Why Electric Drive? Recharge Rhode Island Top 50 Project Suggestions Willing Hosts Upcoming Vehicles Municipalities East Greenwich
Providence Vehicles in the foreseeable future Project Partners & Supporters! 119 59 National Grid Installed Station:
MA: 33
NY: 67 6 "It's Green" Less: 37 miles 48 miles Existing Charging Station in Rhode Island Siting Process Available/
In Production Early 2013 Late 2013/
2014 Prospects Warwick Mall
Eastern Mountain Sports
South County Commons
Lincoln Mall Signed Partners
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