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Ponyboy Curtis

Language Arts, B10, By Kaele Kidwell

Kaele Kidwell

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Ponyboy Curtis

More description
Who is Ponyboy Curtis?
This a short description of Ponyboy!
He likes to:
watch movies
watch sunsets
fight.. a lot
act tougher thanight they are
get into rumbles
Ponyboy isn't your normal greaser!
Ponyboy is a 14 year old Greaser who has 2 brothers, Sodapop and Darryl.
Ponyboy is the main character in "The Outsiders".
Work Experience
Ponyboy Curtis
The Socs and the Greasers go head to head a lot, but Ponyboy is brought into it since both of his brothers are the tougher types of greasers.
Socs vs Greasers (character vs society)
character vs. themselves
Ponyboy vs his emotions
What i think Ponyboy looks like..
A symbol that i think represents Ponyboy Curtis is...
I chose this symbol because to the Greasers, their hair is their pride. It makesem look alike and it shows that they represent a family.
Greaser's long hair.
Thanks for watching!!
Ponyboy has long hair that is almost red but is mostly light brown, and has greenish-grey eyes.

His parents died in a car crash so he lives with his brothers now.
This is him in the movie "The Outsiders"
A little more description
While the others like too:
~ I think he looks like this because he is a greaser, but he has longer hair and he has leather and jeans on which greasers wear a lot. It fits his personality.
Ponyboy is faced with emotions that he never faced before, when Dally and Johny died it let his true self show through. Even when he thought he would go to a boys' home, he had that anger and sadness that really shined out from him.
The end!!
By: Kaele Kidwell B10
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