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Food of the Renaissance

No description

kate morris

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Food of the Renaissance

Food of the Renaissance
During the renaissance, the food you ate all depended on where you lived and how wealthy you were.
Wealthy people
The wealthy people during the Renaissance ate much better than the peasants. Like the Greeks and the Romans they studied and enjoyed having huge feasts with lots of fancy dishes. Like the peasants, they ate soups and broths, but these soups were spiced with exotic spices and often sweetened with sugar. The rich also ate more meat. They would have large roasts of beef, stag, or pig. Roasts would be boiled in a large vat and then basted with juices and rose water to add flavor.
Desserts were not usually eaten in the renaissance time, but they were eaten on special occasions or by the wealthy. Common desserts eaten in the renaissance time, for wealthy people included custard, small cakes, rice pudding, apple and orange tarts. Cheesecakes, strawberry tarts, gooseberry tarts, mousse, prune tarts, and trifles. Basically, tarts were the main dessert. They were eaten by the middle and "high class" people. Tarts were made out of preserved fruit and a flaky types of dough or crust. Remember, desserts were a special treat to the people back then because they were complex and time consuming to create.
Chef Alicia, Chef Georgia and Chef Kate
The average person during the Renaissance was a peasant. Peasants would eat soup or mush for food for just about every meal. They would also generally have some black bread. The soup would have been made of scraps of food, usually vegetables such as carrots or sometimes eggs. Mush was made from some kind of grain like oats or wheat and then cooked in water. Sort of like porridge or oatmeal today.
Fruit wasn't extremely expensive or anything, but lots of poor people couldn't afford it. Fruit was a common thing found on the upper classes table. People that didn't have much money ate fruit occasionally. Basically, the fruit during the renaissance time period was simple tree fruits. Some fruits included gooseberries, apples, orange, and strawberry. Fruits were used in desserts- such as tarts, types of breads, or just eaten plain.
Peasants mainly didn't eat meat because it was expensive and rare. One reason meat was hard to get was that you needed salt to preserve the meat. Salt was very expensive during the times of the Renaissance.It was even substituted for money.
Why didn't peasants eat much meat?
Thank You for Watching!!!!!
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