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Biography of Lewis Howard Latimer

No description

Daniel Ronaldo Han

on 18 February 2017

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Transcript of Biography of Lewis Howard Latimer

Biography of Lewis Howard Latimer
Family Life
Lewis Howard Latimer was born on September 4th 1848 in Massachusetts.

He was the youngest of 5 children, of Rebecca Latimer.

His Parents were slave fugitives, meaning they ran away from slavery.

His Fathers name was George Latimer, George Latimer was put to trial as a fugitive of slavery, but George was defended by abolitionists Fredrick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison.
George then eventually got enough Money ($400) for his freedom with the help of the abolitionists.
In 1864, when Lewis Latimer was 16 years old he enlisted into the Union navy by creating a fake birth certificate. After Lewis completed his services he returned to Boston, Massachusetts where he was employed by the patent solicitors Crosby and Gould. While he was working, he began to study drafting, and during his employment he drafted drawings for Alexander Graham Bell's application for the telephone, Lewis then spent many days working with Bell. Bell then submitted his application to the patent office, he then won the patent rights to the telephone with the help of Lewis Howard Latimer.

In 1880 Lewis Latimer was hired by the US Electric Lighting company owned by Hiram Stevens Maxim to be an assistant manager and a draftsman. Lewis's skills in drafting and his creativity led him to invent a method of making carbon filaments for the Maxim incandescent lamp. Then in 1884 Latimer started working as a draftsman for Thomas Edison. He later became a member of Thomas Edison's elite research team, the "Edison Pioneers".
His Family
Soon after that on December 10th of 1873, Lewis Latimer married a woman named Mary Wilson.

Lewis had two daughters named Jeanette and Louise.

Then in 1890 Lewis Howard Latimer published his first book on electrical lighting called "Incandescent Electric Lighting"

Lewis Howard Latimer then passed away on December 11th 1928 in New York.
Lewis's Invention
In this group Latimer made his most important contribution, by improving the light bulb that was invented by Thomas Edison. Edison's prototype light bulb was lit by using filaments made out of paper which made it burn out quickly. Latimer then created a light bulb with a filament made of more durable carbon.
By: Daniel. H
Lewis Howard Latimer
Hiram Stevens Maxim
Union Navy
Thank You for Watching!!!
Hope You Enjoyed!
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