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North Carolina

No description

makena robinson

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of North Carolina

North Carolina Makena Robinson
Mrs. Yob
2013 State nickname:
The Old North State State Motto:
"To be, rather than to seem" Dogwood Blossom Northern Cardinal Capital:
Raleigh Statehood:
November 21, 1789 Population as of 2012:
9,752,073 Largest City:
Raleigh State Stone:
Emerald State Colors:
Red, White, Blue North Carolina is located west along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so it has amazing beaches and shorelines. It's above South Carolina, but under Virginia. The neighboring states are Tennessee and Georgia.

. Important Dates:
Heavier-Than-Air Flight (Wright Brothers) 1903
Black Beard's (pirate) ship sank 1789

Famous People:
James K. Polk (11th President)
Thomas Wolf (Author)

Native American Tribes:
Cherokee North Carolina has all for seasons. It's snowing in the winter, hot in the summer, mild in the spring, and breezy in the fall. Major Industries:
Cotton & Soybean Major Crops:
Cotton & Soybean Tourism:
People visit North Carolina because of the amazing beaches, shorlines and the famous light house, Cape Hatteras. Conclusion:
All in all, North Carolina is a great state. It has wonderful beaches and weather. You can explore this AMAZING state with all its history and fun places. So visit North Carolina! Bibliography:
"North Carolina" Wikipedia.org, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., n.p., 5/21/13
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n.t.= No Trademark You Liked this prezi! State Symbols: Basic Facts: Geography: Geography:
The Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains run through North Carolina. Myrtle Beach runs along the east coast. Covering about half the state are pediments. Pediments are gently rolling foothills. History: Climate: Economy:
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