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Radio Waves

No description

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Radio Waves

hey chey
Where are radio waves located on electromagnetic spectrum that's different from the others?
Brief summery of radio waves& song
What are the propteries of the radio wave?
Radio waves are electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic waves are as fast a the speed of light.
Radio waves are broadcast in different frequencies.
Radio waves can cause cancer and brain tumors.
Radio waves travel at 186,000 miles per second through air.
Radio Waves
Radio waves have the least energy.
Facts About Radio Waves
Radio waves are attached to all cellphones,computers,tv's,and satalite systems
Longest wavelength on the spectrum
Lower frequency
Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves
Radio waves are not visable, there are thousands of them in the room right now.
Cell phones, listening to the radio, tv, Wi-Fi, microwaves, garage door openers, bluetooth, and GPS systems all have radio waves.

Low power radio waves
High power radio waves
Bounce around the earth&clouds
You can bounce it off the moon&other planets
Fastest way to travel information from here to there
A radio wave is not a sound it is an electromagnetic wave
electric field and magnetic field our joined
Amplitude modulated
Frequency modulated
Cheyenne, Hunter
Radio waves has the longest wave lengths than all the other waves.
Radio waves have the longest wave lenghts
NASA has radio telescopes
to look at comets, and other planets

Vacum can interfer with the TV singal
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