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Intro to Vert.X

Quick intro to Vert.x

Jason Marah

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Intro to Vert.X

a (very) quick intro to vert.x Jason Marah
@JasonMarah An asynchronous, event driven web framework. vert.x Okay, so why should you care? An asynchronous, event driven web framework. vert.x Polyglot Code in your favourite language. Write apps in JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Groovy, Python, Java - or all of the above! (Support for Scala and Clojure forthcoming.) Concurrency and Scalability Runs in the JVM - resulting in real concurrency, high performance and access to mature JVM libraries. Provides simple scalability across cores, while allowing you to develop as if a single-thread. The JVM is surfaced through simple APIs to supported languages. Distributed Event Bus Lightweight event bus that penetrates client-side JS allowing for easily implementation of real-time apps and message passing between verticles Modules Lazy-loading of Modules. MongoDB, WebSockets, SockJS, WebServer, Mailer and more modules out-of-the box. vert.x vertx.io github.com/vert-x Jason Marah
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