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Start Ohe greek Govermt

No description

gs students

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Start Ohe greek Govermt

The Greece city states Government in the Beginning
To start out greeks had no central and weren't relay a country even though they had the same gods and the same language. Lived in there own city states and made there own laws
Greek Forms Of Government
Greeks had many forms of government such as democracy which I think is the most important. Also before today I had no idea that Greece had so many forms of government. Like democracy, tyrannies, monarchies, and finally oligarchy. I will tell you a little about each later in the presentation.
Greek democracy started in aphens. There Democracy is the same as ares today. They used a lottery system to select jurors like we do today. They even had the same bodies of government as we do today. Except they had hundreds serve on a jury at a time we only have ten all the white men met at the market place to decided laws every week now we have representatives that do that.
In Greek Oligarchy leaders weren't just chosen randomly there was a process. The government was only made up of the richest people and most powerful people. If you were a slave or a poor person you could not be in the government unless you cot powerful.

Greek Government

In grease monarchy were rare and often distinguishable from tyrannie. In Greek monarchies the ruler was more likely to rule in favor of the people. pesants were not allowed to become royalty unless they married into the royal family. One of the most famous monarchies was Sparta except Sparta had 2 kings.
Tyrannos also known as tyrants were cruel and oppressive leaders that inherited power or gained power by force. Tyrannos youshaly ruled with a huge army to keep the people in fear. Also to keep his or her people in line there were harsh punishments. One of the most famous greek tyrants was Thrasybulus
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