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Sydney opera house

No description

Eduard Holz

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is a unique building just located on the tip of Bennelong Point of Sydney and is a symbol for the nation of Australia and Sydney. The Sydney Opera House was constructed throughout 16 years (1958-1973). The Sydney Opera House was designed by Dane's own Jorn Utzon. It took a long time to construct and it is a world wide landmark. The use of the building is so that people can have a chance to perform operas, ballets, musicals and perform their world class talent.
The start of the construction of the Sydney Opera house was in 1958 and ended the construction in 1973.
It was originally predicted that it would take four years starting from 1958, to build the Opera House; in actual fact, it wasn't completed until mid 1973, which was about 16 years.
The person that constructed the Sydney Opera House was, Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect!
The Sites that were used were:
The Sydney Opera House was constructed in Australia on Bennelong Point.
How long did it take to build?
Who was the architect of the building or structure and were they working for someone?
If so, who?
Where was the building constructed?
When was the building or structure's construction completed?
What materials were used in the construction?
The materials that were used to build the Sydney Opera House were pre cast concrete was used to build the ribs of the shells of the Sydney Opera House. Steel and tendon were not the only thing that was used to hold the pre cast concrete, the other thing that held the roof was epoxy resin.
Thank You for Watching
By: Eduard H. and Miriam T.
Class 8T1
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