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WHO Reform

No description

Aya Kazak

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of WHO Reform

Three Fields Of Work Governance Managerial Reform Objectives New Approach to Financing " Member States are responsible for defining our priorities; they
have agreed on criteria to develop priorities and a set of categories that facilitates the organization of our work. " Setting the right foundation.. With a view to improving WHO’s organizational effectiveness, alignment, and efficiency, Reform proposals in this area fall into five main areas: Programmes and priority setting WHO REFORM!
By establishing clear priorities, combined with adopting better management and governance practices, we can better serve the global health community
The three objectives
Greater coherence in global health An Organization that pursues excellence:
being effective, efficient, responsive, objective, transparent and accountable Improved health outcomes:
WHO meeting Member States' and partners' expectations in addressing agreed global health priorities Defined 64th WHA & at the EB’s 129th session. Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it. How? Reform? Strengthened technical & policy support to Member States

Strengthening country offices.

Financing of the Organization

Human resource policies and management

Results-Based management and accountability,
Strategic communications framework. Improved flexibility
Greater staff mobility
Enhanced staff development & Performance management. Plans for creating greater flexibility include Joint recruitment.

Generic *Universal" job description

Rosters *list * of staff
Ready to be deployed in priority job groups
(such as Heads of WHO Country Office) = time saving :) While the three areas are closely
interrelated, creating a more fl exible
workforce will benefi t all areas of reform. While the three areas are closely
interrelated, creating a more flexible
workforce will benefit all areas of reform. Human Resources Governance are our main partners.
Collaboration and co-ordination with other stakeholders,
ensures we reach common goals that contribute to improving the healths of millions.. Developing 3 engagement policies. WHO's Hosting arrangements with partnerships

Engagement with NGOs as:
Doctors without limits.

Relationships with private commercial entities.
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