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Renasci Viridis


Eleanor jiang

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Renasci Viridis

Promotion Layering & Positioning The Problem Finances! Business Situation The Product Market The End Proposed Business Non-personal Promotion Channel of Distribution The Facts Background Does it have to be? What's your business experience Renasci Viridis Who AM I? Babson College Washington Business Week International Baccalaureate Inspiration "Healthy Food is expensive!" Crowded
Polluted Finding Fresh Food Impossible? The Obesity epidemic has infiltrated the USA ...More importantly the recent trend has created a whole new market The Green Trend How has it affected our lives.... I In the last ten years, the organic food market has increased from 8 billion to 21 billion dollars. According to Organic Farming Research Foundation, as of 2007 there are approximately 13,000 certified organic producers in the U.S. compared to about 2500 as tracked in 1994. Initiatives such as.... Hunger- Free Kids (2010) Michelle Obama School's Meal Initiative In the News Vertical Vegetated Complex Walls Think of a garden..... only upright F Plantsonawall Target Market For Families For families that are living in the city, who wish to be able to eat healthier for a fraction of the price. Demographics:
Average Household of three members making an annual income of $100,000
Manhattan's average age is 24-30 Geographic Info Intends to have the flagship company in Manhattan, New York City Competition INhabitat Competitive Advantage E-commerce Installation Renasci Viridis Private Limited Company Raise capital from private investors
More official then a unincorporated business
As a sole shareholder I can decide to go public Set up: 1. Consult a lawyer and file the appropriate legal forms with the State of New York to become a Private Limited Company.
2. Apply for a New York State Business License and Federal Tax Identification number.
3. Rent a warehouse and office space in a small business park in the city of New York State
4. Purchase fixed assets such as office furniture, computers, two trucks, warehouse shelving, and installation equipment. 5. Hire and train staff.
6. Implement marketing and sales promotion plans.Below will be an organization chart of my business, as well as a detailed job description. Organization Chart Process of buying a Renasci Viridis Wall Start Finish 1 1. The customer orders a Greenwall The customer needs to answer these questions before the installation can start
i.The customer will have pre-picked out seeds that he or she wants it will be the responsibility of Renasci Viridis to have already attained them
i.Ask about the size of the wall they wish to convert
maintenance plan 3. Renasci Viridis will send a truck, and complete the installation of the wall 4.Remind: Every customer is to be a lifelong user of the greenwall, part of our promise is to do all the maintenance of each wall. Logistics Our manufactures in New Jersey, we will have our truck drivers drive and deliver to our warehouse on a "just-in-time" inventory procedure
This will minimize our costs Marketing Mix Place Price Promotion New Jersey New York City First-to-Market advantage we will have a predatory pricing plan. Pricing Policies Cost of goods:
Wall = $119
Expenses = $50
Up-sell = $300 Personal Selling Personal Selling:
•At the start of the business, distribute flyers, brochures and business cards to upscale apartment buildings. Cost $200
•Introduction to interior designers in Manhattan promote to already established interior designers to persuade them that Green Walls are a new addition and must have in New York. Public Relations/Publicity: • Talk to major businesses and companies, to ask if they would be willing to promote for a reduced priced wall
•Do a free ‘Green Wall” for the city Sales and discounts Sales Promotions:•Have a four year plan, whereas they will get a discount if they decide to pay for specific time periods up front. Thank You Questions? Cash Flow Income Statement Full Income statement Highlights Investment Product Features Unlike all walls prior, we will offer the continuous service of maintenance of the wall.
This Includes:
Harvesting if you wish
Refill of soil Maintenance Charge
Standard = $30
Our installers will come, and plant new seeds and also provide maintenance
Every three weeks
Gold = $45
All services of the Standard, only coming every other week Financial Request: The total capital invested in Rensci Viridis will be $9,000. As owners, we are prepared to invest $6,000 from our own savings and are requesting an additional $9,000 in the form of a loan, payable over three years. This capital will provide us with the adequate funding needed to offset start-up expenses and ensure liquidity during Renasci Viridis first three years of operation. Amortization Schedule Repayment of the Loan of $9,000 9,000 6,000 Cash Flow The Now The Future Installation Process One square foot = 4 minutes 8x8 wall = 4 hours 10x9 = 6 hours 12x13 wall = 10 hours Eight hour work day would provide for our two installers to install four 8x8 walls Life Cycle Wall Cost = $300 Average cost of organic produce for a family of four: $280 Cost of Organic Food Vs. Store Strawberries = $3.14 - $5.34
Carrots = $1.23 - $2.21
Spinach = $4.45 - $8.59 Cost of the wall = 300 Cost of one months worth of organic food = $280 Produce grows at an average 3 week span Four months for a return on investment Return on Investment
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