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Desktop Prezumé by Trischia Burdt

No description

Trischia Burdt

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Desktop Prezumé by Trischia Burdt

Interests Education Skills Experience References The Professional Life of Trischia Burdt I'm a skilled and dedicated employee with several years
of experience in professional environments (262)210-0908 TrischiaBreanne@gmail.com Monona, IA . . Education: Silver Lake College Trischia Burdt Activites: Likes: Ron Tomes Collaborative Problem Solving
JIREH Intervention
Trauma Informed Care
Corrective Thinking I currently coach Varsity Girls' Soccer. Other activities I am able to facilitate are student governance, prom, extra-curricular trips such as the boundary waters, and community involvement through volutneering. "You cannot control what other people do,
however you can control how you respond to them." Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Cross Categorical Special Education emphasis EBD
Anticipated licensure December 2013 Bachelor's Degree, May 2009
Social Science Education emphasis History Secondary Education
Geography University of Wisconsin-Platteville Burlington High School Burlington, Wisconsin
High School Diploma June 2004 Work Experience Oct 2012 - June 2013 Special Education Teacher These are some important or relevant things I did at this company during my time there. August 2011-October 2012 Life Skills Educator These are some important or relevant things I did at this company during my time there. November 2010 - June 2011 Social Studies Educator These are some important or relevant things I did at this company during my time there. Special Training: Other Work Experiences Social SOCIAL Title: Program Coordinator CESA 7 rtomes@cesa7.k12.wi.us
Scott Gordon Title: Social Studies Teacher (608)326-3840 Rick Meisner Title: Academic Educator (563)543-5789 Prairie du Chien High School
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Wyalusing Academy
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Grandview High School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gardening, hiking, biking, traveling, and reading Love & Logic
Graphic Design
Church Youth Director
Gender Issues Director for Student Senate
Resident Assistant
Qualities &
Characteristics Creative Approachable Genuine facilitates learning opportunities and projects to develop valuable skills teach students self-calming skills such as knitting, crocheting, zentangles, and effective thought processes approach situations counterintuitively in order to obtain desired outcome build rapport with students and staff
establish trust with students by listening
develop meaningful connections establish trust and exhibit fairness
demonstrate concern for well-being
make connections with students as individuals
care about what matters to the student
admit when I am wrong
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