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Drugs and Alcohol

No description

Direct English

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of Drugs and Alcohol

Warm up
Repeat the following words out loud, Then Your coach will do QA Check
Describe the difference
Pair up and compare the images below and give your own judgement
Decide what you prefer and share why
Grammar Review
Let's go ahead and review some grammar
Related phrasal verbs
Learn the meaning of the following phrasal verbs
Drugs and Alcohol
After this lesson students will be able to:
- Talk about drugs usage consequences
- Give your opinion about drugs
- Share your point of view regarding drug addicts and alcoholics

-What do you think about drugs and alcohol?

-Why do you think people use drugs?

-Do you drink alcohol? why?

Take a look at the picture and describe the difference before and after drugs
Get wasted:
Means to be extremely drunk
Get high:
Means to use drugs to feel in another world
Have you ever gotten high?
Have you ever gotten wasted?
If you had the chance in the country to decide to keep gang member or drug dealers, what would you prefer? Explain..
Do you think marihuana can be use as medication? why? explain..
Check and practice the correct usage of the following
Verifying the learning
Get lit

Get drunk






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