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Why are some people against outsourcing? Why do others suppo

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Lindsey Velez

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Why are some people against outsourcing? Why do others suppo

5.05 Debate
Why are some people against outsourcing? Why do others support it?

The main reason why people are against outsourcing is it leads to a lot of unemplyment and closing of a lot of local businesses and corportations that specailize in that product. Others support it because it is cheaper to get it from someone and somewhere else than locally.

What Industries or companies may have an interest in outsourcing to these nations?

Larger industries and corporations take a look at other places becuase they produce it cheeper and sometimes have better resources for the product.

What barriers to trade would prevent an American company outsourcing to one of those countries?
Things like...
Exspensive shipping
Closed boarders
Poor conditioned products recieved.

Would prevent American companies to outsource to different countries.

Do you think outsourcing would promote or hinder a healthy American economy? Explain.
I think it would hnder a healthy American economy because it leaves unemplyment so high making it harder for more jobs to be created since it is out of the country. With people not having jobs it lowers sales and makes it harder for them to puchase anything with outsourcing.
I think outsourcing has its up and down sides but it really depends on what the itme is that we would have to outsource. Outsourcing will always happen but we should never have it come down to being the only way to get certain items, we should always have our options open. Outsourcing does create a great relationship between two countries and keeps an open option on resources.
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