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The Elementary Project

No description

Paris Boronow

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of The Elementary Project

I chose this specific project for two different reasons.

1) As an elementary school student I struggled in just about every subject. I was given the opportunity to have a one on one session to progress my learning curve at the end of my fourth grade year and it was life changing. I wanted to provide a piece of that experience that I had and give it to as many students as I could in my project.

2) I wanted to share an introduction into economics and finance with the elementary students. This specifically ties in with my major and career aspirations.
The Functionality
Over the span of a couple weeks I was able to watch many students achieve success in their struggles. Basic math and English principles were subjects that I was able to help students understand daily. My favorite chapter in this project was teaching the students how to write checks. Mrs. Anderson allowed me to take time out of her class to show the proper way to write checks. I was also able to cover some finance subjects through a website titled www.myclassroomeconomy.org. Through this we covered the basic understandings of money.
Secondary Assistance
My secondary project duties ranged from filing assignments for next year's upcoming students to helping move equipment for the teachers that were switching classrooms. It was a privilege to do this work because I got to spend one on one time with the teachers I was assisting.
My name is Paris Boronow.

I am a senior at Southern Utah University.

I am majoring in business finance.

Once graduated, I plan on continuing my education to become a finance professor at a university.
EDGE is experiential education.

The EDGE program at SUU is designed to take education beyond the classroom experience.

This project can be used to learn life long lessons and enhance a student's education.

The program is intended to increase professional and academic growth in a way that can contribute to others!
My Project
My project consisted of helping students and teachers alike at Monroe Elementary School.

I was able to do volunteer work for my Community EDGE project in May (2014) by helping teachers prepare for the upcoming school year by filing papers, building equipment, and moving classroom furniture.

More importantly, the bulk of my project consisted of assisting students in their academic endeavors. I was able to help students learn effectively, teach students fundamentals of finance and economics, and learn how to adapt to different teaching styles for each pupil.
The Intro
The Focus

Altogether, the work that I was able to perform was a bit more than I had originally anticipated, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Connecting with the teachers and students made this project a complete success. I was happy to share my knowledge of finance in the process. I was very fortunate to participate in the EDGE program.
The Elementary Project
By Paris Boronow
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