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The Sweet Smell of Whiskey

Advanced Fluids Presentation

Sasha Friedman

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of The Sweet Smell of Whiskey

The Sweet Smell of Whiskey
The Snifter
The snifter is meant to provide an enhancement for the whiskey aroma
Heat is transferred from your hand to the whiskey through the glass (no ice!)
The heat helps to evaporate the whiskey, liberating its aroma
The snifter glass is shaped like a converging nozzle
Fun fact: on its side the snifter won't spill
The Equations
Boundary conditions
The Solution
The Conclusion
Flow is driven by pressure
As you move upward, mass conservation requires that the flow be accelerated
The converging geometry creates a favorable pressure gradient
The Aroma
There are a ton of different flavors detectible in whiskey, but there are two main classes
Ethyl alcohol is where you get the burn
Congeners are the complex oak smells
Liquid-gas phase transfer facilitates smell transport
High vapor pressure leads to volatility
The heat of vaporization is the enthalpy of phase change
Focus on ethyl alcohol
The Assumptions
Cylindrical Coordinates
Fully developed
No body forces
Snifter can be represented as a parallelogram
Ethyl alcohol vapor jet
Neglect body forces
The Bernoulli
Bernoulli shows a different way of looking at velocity
Mass conservation shows that velocity will in fact accelerate the flow when A2 < A1
Given the change in area, and the volatility of Ethyl Alcohol, there will be an aromatic free jet
The Photos
Velocity is a function of geometry and pressure
uMax happens at the centerline
At the top of the glass, geometry is contributing less to velocity
Is the pressure contributing enough to drive the flow?
Density: 789 kg/m^3
Vapor Pressure: 5.95 kPa
Heat of Vaporization: 841 kJ/kg
Well-defined jet visible
Super-critical dihydrogen oxide used for visualization media
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