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Conventions of EDM Music Videos

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Will Sharp

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Conventions of EDM Music Videos

In this task I will be watching music videos from the EDM genre in order to further my research on conventions of the genre so we know what to include in our video.
Tiesto - Red Lights
As already established in previous research, the inclusion of girls in music videos is very apparent in the EDM genre. This video further supports this as it includes the two female characters in skimpy outfits and underwear. It is common to see close up shots of the female body. In this case we can apply Mulvey's Male Gaze theory - women are "eye candy" for the male viewers.
Tiesto - Red Lights
The video also features a performance scene where the artist DJ's live at a big Vegas venue with a massive crowd. This represents the genre as the soundtrack to parties and good times, and the artist as someone to look it up to as he is the centre of the party.
Calvin Harris - Summer
This video shares a lot of conventions with the previous video. There is a strong emphasis on the theme of speed, featuring cars racing down a strip. Again it includes women either dressed in skimpy outfits or in underwear, and a party scene at the end of the video. All the events occur at different times but appear to be crosscutted to make the audience envisage the artists busy and exciting lifestyle.
Calvin Harris - Summer
In the video, the artist can be seen central in almost every shot he is featured in. This is to show him as the centre of attention, with the camera following him as he walks and also when he is surrounded by women.
The conventions that stick out most are the inclusion of half naked females, built up or exotic locations, the theme of speed, big speakers and a positive party atmosphere. It is our intention to stick to these conventions as much as possible rather than challenging an already successful style. I intend to feature the artist and continue to put across this idea that artists in this genre bring joy and excitement to people through their music. However, we will be limited by budget in creating a big atmosphere and accessibility of similar locations.
Tiesto - Red Lights
Also, I have noticed a common use of cars as props and speed as themes. The two female characters hitch hike their way across a sunny, open America with fast cars and motorbikes. Speed and cars are normally associated with a male audience, and combined with the girls suggests that the video is aimed at a male audience.
David Guetta - Where Them Girls At
This video takes place in a sunny, built up city area, with the artist on top of a large building playing music. Low angled shots are used to introduce him to signify importance and power. HE controls the music that is playing to the whole city. Females are again featured in skimpy clothing. Props include big speakers and DJ equipment, as featured in both of the other videos.
Conventions of EDM Music Videos
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