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Fifi (Charles) Bradlaugh

From Brave New World

Karen German

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Fifi (Charles) Bradlaugh

Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at one with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release. She feels great about it... One of the TWELVE members of Bernard’s
Solidarity Service Group who meet to
reinforce moral and cultural training. Even though the historical figure Charles Bradlaugh is a man, FiFi Bradlaugh the actual character in the book, is a woman. It wasn't just about sexual release The Solidarity Service at the Fordson Community Singery was also about being a slave to Ford or Lord? Overall the ceremony takes away from the individuality of the people and pretty much shows their cooperation and allegiance to a "greater" society. A voice from above repeats "Oh, Ford, Ford" and everyone is convinced Ford is coming. Everything's pretty sexual, so the repetition of the word "coming" during the ceremony isn't accidental. A.K.A. Charles Bradlaugh Fifi Bradlaugh "Wasn't it wonderful?" said Fifi Bradlaugh. "Wasn't it simply wonderful?" She looked at Bernard with an expression of rapture, but of rapture in which there was no trace of agitation or excitement–for to be excited is still to be unsatisfied. Hers was the calm ecstasy of achieved consummation, the peace, not of mere vacant satiety and nothingness, but of balanced life, of energies at rest and in equilibrium. A rich and living peace. For the Solidarity Service had given as well as taken, drawn off only to replenish. She was full, she was made perfect, she was still more than merely herself. "Didn't you think it was wonderful?" she insisted, looking into Bernard's face with those supernaturally shining eyes. Every other Thursday,
Bernard has to take part in
Solidarity Service at the
Fordson Community Singery.
He and twelve others including
FiFi sit at a table, alternating
between men and women.
While a hymn plays, they
pass a cup of strawberry
ice cream soma and take a
soma tablet with it. They chant
and dance and act crazy
and frenzied. The ceremony ends in a sex orgy.
Usually that leaves Bernard feeling really isolated and alone. HOWEVER, FIFI along with the others... -Feel the effect of the repeated doses of soma which have made them almost completely oblivious to the world around them, and Fifi feels just fine...Soma is a drug used in the book to make everyone feel bliss, oblivion, pure love, or pure utopia. One of the hymns they had to listen to
as they repeated their ritual. She is full, happy, perfect. She is described by Bernard as.... Plump, blonde, and not too large. Supposedly after12 disciples the banal “religion” the World State uses to keep its members in conformity with societal rules. The song’s silly wording helps emphasize the triviality of the ceremony The 12 people in the ritual are The ceremony Fifi is a part of is disturbing and ritualistic. The music is pounding, soma is taken,
and signs of the T are everywhere. Creepy words like "I drink to my annihilation." are said and they chant a song (twelve times, that seems to be the magic number) The meeting is basically a community of twelve people including Fifi where the people worship Ford for his ideas and try to become of the same essence and unified as a group.

Sexuality and religion is not personal but rather a community effort. Even though there is still emotional release which can't and shouldn't be controlled. The service still is controlled and regulated. "Ford, we are twelve; oh, make us one,
Like drops within the Social River,
Oh, make us now together run
As swiftly as thy shining Flivver." "Feel how the Greater Being comes!
Rejoice and, in rejoicings, die!
Melt in the music of the drums!
For I am you and you are I." Charles Bradlaugh is a British political activist and was the first atheist in parliament. Founded the National Secular Society in 1866. Considered one of the most famous English atheists of the 19th century. The service resembles the Eucharist in Christianity,
-they consume soma rather than bread and wine
-sign of T rather than a cross
-the goal is to unify the twelve people present into one -the people sing until they feel Ford’s presence-then they dance to the hymn "Orgy-porgy." (which you saw an example of) Charles founding of National Secular Society is similar to that of Brave New World's pseudo-religious and highly ritualistic Solidarity Service. The main goal of both groups is to put aside feelings and beliefs (why they used soma) and join together as one. National Secular Society is a British campaigning organization that promotes secularism and separation of the church and state. Currently, The National Secular Society is Britain's only organization working exclusively towards a secular society. They Campaign from a non-religious perspective for the separation of religion and state and promote secularism as the best means to create a society. The ideal society created would be one in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and cohesively. The NSS sees secularism - the position that the state should be separate from religion - as an essential element in promoting equality between all citizens.
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