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North Central Plains of Texas

No description

Joanne Pascual

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of North Central Plains of Texas

There are three sub-regions in the North Central Plains.
Resources and Industries in the North Central Plains:
Farming: Cotton, corn, grains
Ranching: Cattle, sheep and goats
Limestone, sand, gravel
North Central Plains Major Cities:
Fort Worth
Wichita Falls
North Central Plains of Texas
In this region there are escarpments,

North Central Plains
Coastal Plains
Mountains and Basins
Great Plains
The Regions of Texas
The Caprock Escarpment forms a boundary between the North Central Plains and the Great Plains.

rolling grassy lands,

cross timbers,

and rivers.
The land and the climate of the North Central Plains make the region a good place for cattle ranches.

During the summer, temperatures soar to the triple digits. This region is also very prone to drought because it is so dry.
The Central Plains are also a part of the famed Tornado Alley.
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