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17 Ways to Impress Your Valentine

Valentine's Day Prezi. Content by Gary Foreman posted on usnews.com

Bryan Chou

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of 17 Ways to Impress Your Valentine

17 Ways to Impress Your Valentine
...if Your Pockets are Empty by Gary Foreman, usnews.com 1. Declare your love online. If your Valentine is always on Twitter, declare your love in a tweet. And encourage everyone to retweet it! They'll love it! 2. Fingerpainting for adults. Who knew a bottle of red fingerpaint could be romantic? If you paint hearts on his windshield, he'll know you're thinking of him. Anyone can put a picnic basket together. However, the true romantic will scout out a deserted, scenic, romantic place to enjoy with his Valentine. And he'll also hide a small gift to be found later. 3. More than a picnic. You and your Valentine have photos on Facebook, Pinterest, your cell phone, and dozens of other places. Collect the most romantic ones in a digital memory book.

Write a paragraph or two about the times you've felt extremely close. Add some favorite background music to make it even more romantic. 4. A digital memory book Well, not really.

Instead, swap houses with a friend for the evening. Their patio or fireplace will seem miles away from the one you have at home. And the meal, music, or wine will be much more romantic. 5. Partner swap? What's the most romantic memory you share with your Valentine? Collect photos, music, or anything else that will remind her of that memory. Present them in a heart-shaped box. 6. A memory keepsake. What's more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine under the stars? Too cold outside? Replace the moonlight with a fireplace and you're still in the land of romance. 9. Let the whole world see. 10. You're my treasure. 11. Give dozens of Valentine's. What's Next? 7. Looking for love... Find a place where the people-watching is good. Try to identify couples who are really in love or have been in love for the longest. Hold hands while you watch. 8. Moonlight, vino, and you. Supersize your Valentine’s day card on a poster board and place it in your front yard. Everyone loves a treasure hunt.

Hide a series of love notes for your Valentine. Each one should contain a clue on where to find the next. Will the last one lead to a box of fancy chocolates or a scented bubble bath? You decide! Draw or cut out hearts on note paper. On each, express a different reason you love your Valentine.

Put them where they'll be found one at a time throughout their day. Time travel. 12 Time travel, part two. Share the love. Start early Not just a day. You're my favorite Surprise your Valentine by celebrating on the 13th. 13 14 15 16 17 She'll love being the only one to get flowers at the office that day. Agree with your Valentine to celebrate on February 16th.

Not only will you find candy and flowers at a discount on the 15th, but it will be much easier to get into a restaurant on Saturday Take a box of chocolates and some children's Valentine's cards together to a local nursing home or hospital.

Share your love with a stranger who would be alone if it weren't for you and your significant other. Treat your Valentine to breakfast in bed.

Heart-shaped pancakes or toast are easy to make. Add some OJ and strawberries for your sweetie. Instead of giving your Valentine a dozen roses in one bouquet, deliver them one at a time during the next two days by placing them where they'll be found at an unexpected time.

Add a love note to each rose for extra credit. How well do you know your Valentine? Get her favorite candy bar, her favorite flower, her favorite drink—See how many of her favorites you know.

And, finally, remember a loving relationship isn't built on one day a year. In healthy relationships, it grows a little bit each day. Prezi Created by Bryan Chin-Yu Chou Your mate and your neighbors will know exactly who your Valentine is.
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