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Starbucks CSR

No description

Sarah Xiao

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Starbucks CSR

Corporate Social Responsibilities
Bonnie & Sarah Starbucks Corporation History of Starbucks Introduction Largest coffeehouse company
Nearly 20 000 stores in over 60 countries
First founded by two teachers and a writer
Coffee roaster and retailer
First opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971
Sold the chain to Howard Schultz in 1988
Strong partnership with Apple Inc. and MSNBC Open to
the world Benefits of the local community Social Responsibility Initiatives Starbucks Foundation
Nurturing young leaders
Support community
Fostering education in China
Rebuilding the Gulf coast Ethos® Water Fund
To provide children with access to clean water.
To help finance sustainable water programs around the world. Youth Action
to nurture and inspire youth to engage
lead and create positive solutions for the challenges they see in their local communities. Environmental responsibilities Environmental Stewardship Recycling
Front-of-store recycling
reusable cups
recyclable cup solution Energy and water
energy conservation
Renewable energy
water conservation Green building
Green Stores
Climate change
LEED® Certified Stores Public Influence Transparency Public information to all visitors
List of all annual reports
Stronger advantages over its competitors as a trustworthy business
connects with its stockholders through annual meetings
loyal supporters Supply programs Employee Benefits &
Wellness Nationally Locally International Working at Starbucks
competitive pay
equity in the form of Starbucks stocks and stakeholders.
emergency aid
A free pound of coffee each week. Partner clubs and network
Thrive wellness program
Internal recognition
Discounted merchandise at Starbucks and other retailers In conclusion... Starbucks Strong commitment to social responsibility
Positive initiative takes great effect
Strong impact throughout local communities
International connections Trustworthy brand
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