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Cmed's Manager Development Programme

No description

Raluca Lupou

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Cmed's Manager Development Programme

Cmed's Manager
Programme An adventure, taking you
wherever you want to be! It can be travelled from beginning to end,
or joined at different stages Module 1
Management Essentials Cmed's expectations of its managers Essential qualities and abilities of a manager PMP process for managers,
HR policies and procedures Preferred management style Coaching, giving feedback,
handling performance issues Module 2
Management Mastery Working styles Motivating and engaging others Developing a commercial minset Module 3
Workout A group, hands-on challenge: proposing a solution to a real business problem Delivering your proposal and attempting to convince a panel of senior managers of its merits Receiving feedback 360 feedback:
your strengths and
development areas
as a manager ...where you are now You'll get a better idea of ... You'll have plenty of opportunities to reflect on
...where you want to be ...and how you can get there This is for you if you are ...

a line-manager or you're preparing for this role
interested in a modular, flexible programme that can fully meet your individual development needs
willing to commit to this over a 8 - 9 month period Ticked all these?
Ask your manager to nominate you! Apply learning to real-world situations Reflection

Commitment to further action Handling difficult conversations
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