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Straddling the Borderlands of Art Education Discourse

Prospectus Meeting

Kelly Berwager

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Straddling the Borderlands of Art Education Discourse

1.How do preservice and novice art education teachers negotiate their
professional identities as artists into the roles of teachers? 2.How did the preservice and novice art education teachers’ school biographies motivate them to pursue a degree in art education? 3.How did preservice and novice art education teachers’ training impact their attitudes toward feeling prepared to teach? 4.How did preservice and novice art education teachers feel about their relationships with non-art peers and educational institutions? Borderlands School Biographies Professional Knowledge Landscapes personal ideologies and perceived professional expectations....Alsup, 2006 Borderland Discourse Area between artist & teacher Sacred Stories Secret Stories Overly Familiar Territory Having one foot in each world In-classroom & Out-of-Classroom Connections between people, the places they inhabit, and the things in and around them....Connelly & Clandinin Theoretical Framework Memories of art projects/classes
Formal classes - only 4 participants
All remembered projects in other classes Influences:
Teachers Educational Decisions Teacher Training:
General Education
Art Education
Visual Art Novice Teachers:
Classroom Management
Lesson Plans Isolation-vs-Comfortable:
While in College
On-the-Job Relationship between Departments:
No communication
Not validated Relationships with Colleagues:
Physical Isolation
Support Systems Identity Bricolages
Complimented Study's Discourse
-Brought together all the pieces
-Enhanced their meta-awareness No one here understands what I do! I have no time for my own art! College didn't prepare me for this! So, what got them to this place?
That led to the overarching research question of this study: How do preservice and novice art education teachers negotiate their professional identities as artists into the roles of teachers? Family, friends, teachers &
other influences -Has a reputation of graduating highly-qualified art education teachers
-Access with my personal relationship with Larry Percy
-Had a variety of preservice teachers who were in different stages of their training
-Also had several novice teachers who were located fairly close to me & to the university Troy or "Competira" University Four Preservice Teachers:
-C. J. - Youngest - Just changed her major to Art Education
- Paige - BFA - 5th year Master's
-Taylor - Bachelors/Art Education - Interning now
-Heidi - Traditional Master's/Art Education Participants Three Novice Teachers:
-Caren - First year teacher - Rural High School
-Sharon - First year teacher - Suburban High School
-Renee- 3rd Year teacher - Suburban High School Research Questions & Findings -Art Education teachers do come from some type of artistic background

-Teacher training had a strong effect on art education teachers’ abilities to negotiate their professional teacher identities, both positive and negative.
-Art Education teachers' biggest influences
-Most had families who supported them unconditionally

-They were questioned throughout their lives about their decisions to study art education & still felt like they had to prove themselves. -Art education teachers often feel isolated and uncomfortable, especially in education departments and where they are the only art education teacher in a school

-Those who had formal art experiences throughout their lives appeared to be more confident in their abilities to create and teach art.

-Positive research methods for gathering important insights into the struggles art education teachers face.

-Important information for art education teacher training programs to allow preservice & novice teachers to understand themselves more completely "Sto ancora imparando"
I am still learning.
~Michelangelo~ *Artist/Teacher-vs-Teacher/Artist
Beginning: 4/Artists, 2/Teachers, 1/N/A
End: 5/Artists, 2/Teachers
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