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Nikola Tesla

No description

Chad Johnson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
"If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

The unappreciated genius
Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison
wardenclyffe tower
Fun Facts
Education Background
Nikola Tesla was Born July 10, 1856 in Smilijan Croatia
Tesla's mother, Djuka Mandic, was an inventor who created small appliances in her spare time.
His father, Milutin Tesla, was a priest. He wanted Tesla to follow his footsteps and become a priest.
Tesla died January 7, 1943
When Tesla was young, he playfully experimented
with everyday occurences and objects.
Nikola Tesla, before he moved to America, had a very large educational background.
After finishing his education, he moved to
America in 1884.
The first school he attended was the Realschule, Karlstadt.
He later came to attend the Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria and the University of Prague.
While in America, he visited multiple Colleges and Universitys to demonstrate his inventions, usually his AC Electric Generator
Nikola Tesla's was considered to be a very unusual fellow, but still known as a genuis at the same time.
He had a photograhic memory and Hyperthymesia, meaning he could remember anything that happened in his life. Only a handful of people in the world have been known to have this characteristic.
Tesla could visualize and construct an idea for an invention in his mind, then build it without ever needing to write anything down. One example is that he created the turbine without ever taking notes, or drawing a blueprint or diagram.
He was very reclusive and rarely left his lab.
During the later years of his life, he was reported to have had conversations with a imaginary pigeon that had laser-eyes.(Mad Scientist?)
During Tesla's life, he invented 100s of inventions, yet it is unknown how many he actually patented.
Some of his most famous and important inventions are necessary for everyday life. Such as:
AC Generator
Remote Controlled Boat
After first arriving in America, Tesla worked for Thomas Edison, but after being conned out of money by Edison, Tesla vowed to make him pay.
Both Tesla and Edison showcased their forms of electricity, Edison DC, and Tesla AC at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair.
During the 1893 Worlds Fair, Edison went out to prove AC was dangerous by shocking and killing animals onstage, rather than promoting his DC Electricity. Tesla shocked the world by lighting 100s of AC light bulbs with 12 (or 25, sources differ) AC Generators. This, effectivaly made AC Electricity a must-have.
To this day, AC Electricity is the main form of energy used throughout the world. No thanks to Edison. (well batteries are DC)
During the later years of his life, Nikola Tesla had the dream of supplying the world with free limitless wireless energy and communication (basically free wireless electricity and early internet). George Westinghouse supplied the funds for construction on a tower in New York. The large tower, named Wardenclyffe, was to harness the magnetic field of the Earth and transfer it into Wireless Electricity. Had this been completed, and worked, more would have been built around the world, and they would have transmitted electricity. But, due to Tesla stating to Westinghouse that the energy could not be metered, thus could not generate money, Westinghouse pulled all funds because he would not have been able to make money. Wardenclyffe stood uncompleted until 1917 when it was demolished. Tesla claimed this would have been his greatest contribution to the world, but it was ruined by greed.
During his entire life, he rejected and avoided women, claiming it would interfere with his work and many of his inventions never would have been created.
Some say he might have suffered from Synesthesia, which would have caused an alteration of his perceptions.
Nikola Tesla died alone and broke in a New York apartment. This is due to the fact that he barely ever commercialized his inventions.
Two days after his death, the U.S. Government confiscated everything he owned including his inventions, blueprints and plans.
Tesla was born during a lightning storm.
What type of Electricity was Tesla's idea?
AC Electricity
What was the name of the tower constructed in New York by Nikola Tesla?
Wardenclyffe Tower
What invention(s) of Nikola Tesla's was considered useless during his time?
Remote Control
What was the first school Nikola Tesla attended?
What did Tesla suffer from that allowed him to have perfect memory?
The Band AC/DC's name was inspired by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison
The SI Unit "Tesla" is used to measure the strength of a magnetic field.
Nikola Tesla has gained many nicknames such as, The Sorcerer of Serbia, The father of Electricity, the forgotten genius, and one he was called while he was still alive, the Wizard of the west.
Although Tesla and Edison did not like each other, Edison attended one of Tesla's lectures, when Tesla spotted him, he had the audience give him a standing ovation.
When Tesla's first lab burnt down after a chemical fire, Edison lent him a new one.
Realschule, Karlstadt
University of Prague
:Nikola Tesla
Newspaper featuring his tower
Wardenclyffe Tower
Famous Energy Quote
Famous Quote
AC/DC Band
Edison (left) vs. Tesla (Right)
Nikola Tesla Memorial Plaque
Tesla Coil- Type of Resonant Transformer Circuit invented in 1891. It's used to conduct electrical lighting, x-ray generation, high frequency alternating current phenomena, radio technology and the transmission of electrical energy without wires.

Discovery of the Electron- Wrote to J.J. Thomson in 1891 saying his experiments prove the existence of charged particles.

AC Electricity and AC Generator- Created the AC Generator that produced
AC Electricity.

Radar- During WW I, the U.S. Government needed a way to detect German Subs.
Tesla suggested using energy waves. It was rejected by the
President of the Naval Consulting Board, Thomas Edison.
It was invented 20 years later by Robert Watson-Watt.

Plasma Lamp- Currently the most energy-efficient type of light bulb on the market,
10x more efficient than Edison's incandesent bulb.

X-Rays- First experimented with X-Rays in 1887. Used high voltage and tubes, he
took X-Rays of his hand. In 1901, Wilhelm Rontgen was awarded a Nobel Prize for
inventing X-Rays.

Remote Control- First created a remote controlled Boat he called a
"Teleautomaton" and demonstrated it to the military. It was considered useless
and was ignored.

Hydroelectric Power plant at Niagara Falls-
Tesla designed the Power plant at Niagara Falls.







Others include: The Laser, Electric Dynamo, Arc Lamp, and Speed Indicator.
Tesla Statue at Niagara Falls
First Tesla Coil
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