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Losing Joe's Place

An interesting, upbeat, realistic fiction book, written by Gordon Korman

isaac holt

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Losing Joe's Place

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Plot Chapters 1-7
"Whatever you do, don't lose me this lease!" This is exactly what Joe tells his little brother Jason before he goes off to live in Joe's apartment for the summer. Joe is going to Europe for the summer so Jason and his friends Don and Ferguson get to live in his Toronto apartment.
The boys become depressed when they find out that Joe lives in a poor part of town in an old apartment building. They head into the actual apartment, which turns out to be Amazing.
The next day, the three musketeers begin to work at Plastics Unlimited. This company is run by Don's uncle. The boys will work for him to get money for the apartment's rent and to have fun. The boys start strong and get their first paycheck. Ferguson starts to stop doing his part of the job and goes over to a computer and talks to other workers that speak another language. It turns out, Ferguson created a whole new way for the company to make money. This idea involves workers at machines, like the boys, to not be needed. Don and Jason get fired and get their final paycheck. Since Ferguson came up with the idea, he keeps his job and gets promoted. Later, Joes giant friend Rootbeer comes and visits Jason. Without being asked, he decides to live with the three boys. Now the boys have to pay the rent and have fun on one persons salary and deal with Ferguson and Don constantly fighting over a girl they met named Jessica. How will the boys survive? Read the rest of the book to find out.

Plot Chapters 8-15
In a blinding flash Jason recognized the symptoms. Everyone has these symptoms for different reasons. He was pacing around and flipping through the TV channels instead of looking for a job just like Jessica with home ec. In chapters 8 to 15 many events happen. Plotnick gets an injury that turns out to be worse than they thought. When the restaurant is left unattended, Jason steps in and struggles to keep business going. Eventually he gets tired of it and decides to jazz things up. He has to keep the restaurant in business, and juggle household work and food for him and his friends. While this is happening money is tight so Rootbeer eats tires and beats up wrestlers to receive money. He made a bet and he was payed to do these things. The friends keep up with house work and chores along with helping Jason run the restaurant. He has to hire extra help and the outcome of that is completely shocking. Will he be able to keep Joe's lease even with this problem in his way? Will he survive the wrath of his brother if he loses it? Read
Losing Joe's Place
to find out.

Point of View
Throughout every novel, no matter what genre, there is an authors point of view. Multiple examples include first person, second person, third person omniscient, third person objective, and third person limited. The authors point of view in Losing Joe's Place is first person. This means the author speaks as if he is a character in the story. In the book Gordon Korman is Jason Cardone. Basically reading the story you are in the mind set of Jason, a sixteen year old boy waiting for responsibility to set in. Every thought is him judging his wild friends for there interesting ideas. Frequently throughout the book words such as I, my, we, and us are used to describe which characters are in a scene. Sometimes throughout a novel the point of view may change weather it is changing which character is narrating or the entire style of narration is changed. In Losing Joe's Place the format never changes and always stays first person with Jason narrating. All in all since Gordan Korman uses first person in Losing Joe's Place he is a key role in the story.
Losing Joe's


Every fiction story has a theme. A theme is the lesson of the story. In the book
Losing Joe's Place
the theme is "treat others peoples stuff like they are yours." Doesn't sound familiar? Didn't your elementary teachers state the "golden rule" or treat others how you want to be treated? In the book Don, Jason, and Peach are living in Joe's apatment while he is in Europe. Joe left them in charge of the rent and not losing his lease. Also the apartment really isn't Joe's, the lanlord,Plotnick,owns it and payed for the building. Lastly damaging property owned by another person is a crime. While two of the boys were working Jason was managing Plotnick's deli while he was in the hospital. while Plotnick was being treated in the hospital he was expecting the deli to be the same as it was before his injury.These two main parts of the book really supported the theme I provided.
Thanks for watching
Main Characters
Joe-Body-builder, 22 years old, owner of the Toronto apartment
Jason-16 years old, weak, main character, JOE'S brother
Don- 16 years old, best friend of Jason, jealous of Peach, Mr.Lucky
Peach- 16 years old, brainiac, fighting for Jessica's love
Plotnick- Old man, greedy, grumpy, owner of Olympiad Deli and apartment building joe lives in
Jessica- 16 years old, conceded, terrible cook/home ec student,in summer school, dating both Don and Peach
Root-Beer- Joe's friend, chubby, tall, many hobbies including eating large amounts
Other books by Gordan Korman
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