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English Resources

Follow NKU student Michael as he learns about all the resources the library has to offer him

Andrea Brooks

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of English Resources

Brought to you by Steely Library (and Michael) English Resources Meet Michael! Michael is finishing up his Senior year at NKU! He's had some really great times here...concerts at the Bank of Kentucky Center, riding the Callahan bus, pulling an all-nighter to write essays with his ENG buddies, and of course, he fondly remembers the great times he's had in Steely Library. (Yes, he really said that!) Before Michael embarks on his next move in life, (btw, he's going to be an editor) Michael would like to share his Top Ten Steely Library list! 9: Resources Extend World-Wide! Definition: SourceFinder is the interlibrary loan service that enables NKU students to receive materials from libraries all around the world! If you request an article, it will come straight to your email! I didn't even have to come to the library to pick it up! Here's how you create your account: 1. Go the library's website, http://library.nku.edu - then use the QuickLinks menu at the top to select "SourceFinder" 2. Follow the links to register 3. You will need your All Card to create your account. Wait! Did you sign up yet? Don't forget! http://library.nku.edu 10. The Library is Virtual! Check out all these ONLINE tutorials! Sure, the Library has Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - midnight
Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday: 12:30 p.m. - midnight But so much information can be found online - even research help! 6. Use Keywords! 4. Research Guides 7. NKUIRE 3. Refworks 1. Ask a Librarian 2. Research is a Process 5. Google Tips and Tricks Google can be a GREAT source to find information, but it does take some extra critical thinking! All the thinking makes Michael tired! He's got Senioritis. However, librarians provided him with some quick and easy tricks to make his Internet searching more effective. 1. Pay attention to the URL!
www.usa.gov (government site)
www.stanford.edu (university site)
www.educationisus.com (who knows?) 2. You can search for information only published on education or government sites. Here's how: This search will yield only websites with ".gov" in the URL. JSTOR 8. Use Library Databases to find articles
for an English Paper! Finding and Using eBooks Research on the Web Michael often researched LATE at night - he highly recommends these resources! Academic Search Premier Library databases provide students with a collection of articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines. These articles are often available in full-text within the database Project Muse Need help finding and selecting sources? Need help citing your paper? There are so many ways to reach a librarian, in person and online. These are way cool! Check out the English Guide NKUIRE is the name of the library's catalog! Use it to find not only books, but also some of the latest movies and music! Btw...NKUIRE also holds thousands of eBooks! RefWorks is an online tool that allows you to store your citations. When it comes time to write a paper, RefWorks will generate a bibliography of your sources. 1. Create an account at http://library.nku.edu/research_help 2. Learn about RefWorks and how to use it at the library's tutorial page: http://library.nku.edu/research_help/tutorials/ 3. Log-in and start organizing references You'll start your research and find that one source will lead you to another source. Your research might send you down another path, make you think of a new direction...... You'll think of new KEYWORDS (remember those!) And if the process becomes too much..... It starts with: http://library.nku.edu VERY IMPORTANT: USE SOURCEFINDER! Remember, if Steely doesn't own something, and it's not available in the databases.... Women AND Sports Rwanda Earthquakes Nuclear What do you want to know? Alzheimers Get access to recommended databases, find books, and link to recommended websites! There's a RG for most majors! OH! And I don't want to forget Google! 3. Investigate! Look at the site. Who published the information? Are there a lot of advertisements? Is there contact information? Is it the best source for your topic - or is there something better? Want to find a list of recommended websites for an English class? Check this out..... That's my Steely Library Top 10 List! Good luck and maybe I'll see you on the job one day! I think you'll be able to spot me!
- Michael Health Notice: NO spaces between "site:.gov" Run this search and you'll see this message: "Note: Your initial search query did not yield any results." No! Keywords are especially important when searching a library database. It will automatically help narrow your results and find articles more relevant to your topic. Yes!
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