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The Best Halloween Ever

No description

Heather Findeisen

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Best Halloween Ever

The story takes place at Woodrow Wilson School
Point of View
1st person: Beth's point of view
Initial Event
Halloween is canceled by the mayor and all the students are blaming the Herdman family.
Halloween is canceled. Candy is banished in the town. Woodrow Wilson school plans a Herdman-free Halloween because they cause trouble every year.
The lights went our at the school bash and a lot of students were missing. They saw mysterious things like King Kong and the scarecrow. Beth and Louella found the missing students in the boiler room with all the candy in the town.
Charlie: Beth's brother
Louella: Beth's friend
Howard: Louella's little brother
Cecil: half of lion with Charlie
Mr. Crabtree: principal
Imogene: a Herdman
The Best Halloween Ever
By: Barbara Robinson

Personal Opinion
I like the book because it was a mystery. I thought it was funny how the lights went out. Alice was dressed as a Christmas tree and when she plugged herself in it blew a breaker. I thought it was neat how the kindergarten slide was used to get to the boiler room. I think the Herdman's were behind it all.
Protest:a statement or action expressing disapproval or objection to something
Cautious: careful to avoid potential problems or dangers
Vacate: leave a place previously occupied
Thank you for watching!
Cody Brinson
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