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Climate Change. Are Humans the cause?

No description

Sheridan H

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Climate Change. Are Humans the cause?

Climate Change.
Reisman, John P. . "Climate Change: Lines of Evidence." <i>YouTube</i>. The National Academy of Sciences , n.d. Web. 20 May 2014. &lt;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIUN5ziSfNc#t=1531&gt;.


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"The President's Climate Action Plan ." <i></i>. Executive Office of the President , n.d. Web. 22 May 2014. &lt;http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/image/president27sclimateactionplan.pdf&gt;.
Problem Statement
Are humans the main cause of climate change within the earth's atmosphere?
If human activities contribute to greenhouse gases and speed the process of climate change then by reducing the amount of carbon pollution released from power plants we will be able to slow the process of climate change within a year.
Energy Output
When all human and natural forcing agents are considered together. Scientists have calculated that the net change in climate forcing between 1750 and 2005 is pushing earth toward warming. The extra energy produced from the surface of the earth is about 1.66 watts per square meter. If we multiply this by the surface area of earth which is 509,600,000,000,000 meters squared then you will get the total output of energy.

1.66 x 509,600,000,000,000 = 845, 936,000,000,000 watts per second. This is 50 times more than every Power plant on the earth produces annually.
("Climate Change: Lines of Evidence'")

This amount of energy and heat is getting absorbed by carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere because the Earth can't dispose of them fast enough. So this heat will sit in the atmosphere and will continue to build.

Are humans the main cause of climate change within the earth? Yes. Research shows that humans have actually attributed over 90% of cause for climate change. I reject my hypothesis because evidence shows that even with the measures to stop producing excess greenhouse gases we would not be able to stop the impacts of climate change within a year. We would also still be emitting greenhouse gases into the air. Not only that but the gases we have already produced are in the atmosphere trapping excess energy and heat, and the earth can not dispel them quick enough. This means that the earth's surface climate will continue to change. For further studies I would suggest focusing more on the general public and what impact they could have on decreasing carbon pollution, rather than what large companies and government agencies can do.
Climate is the average weather for an area over a long period of time. These patterns consist of precipitation, temperature, humidity, and winds. As humans release excess amounts of carbon dioxide and other chemicals such as methanol, the chemicals begin to trap the heat from the sun causing global warming which soon results in climate change.
Research from facilities all over the world it has proven that humans are not the only cause of climate change. Evidence from ice cores changes within the climate have been a steady pattern over the years. Prior to 1950 the carbon dioxide level had never been over 300 parts per million. Today the carbon dioxide level is above 390 parts per million, showing that humans have had a definite impact on increasing carbon dioxide levels.
Using simulations Scientists have ran scenarios using only natural forcing factors of the earth, such as Carbon dioxide and methanol. These simulations show that the warming of the earth and climate change would have progressed slower than it does with human forcing factors.
The graph to the left shows the results of simulations from scientists. The
line shows how the climate is currently changing, the
line shows the course for climate change with both natural and human forcing agents, and the
line shows what the climate change wold be like if there was only natural forcing agents. ("Human Caused Global Warming ")
("Human Caused Global Warming ")
How much Carbon dioxide do power plants produce??
According to studies all the power plants in the world produce nearly 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution each year. The U.S' power plants alone account for nearly a quarter of this, which is nearly 2.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide.
These are the Largest Producers in the U.S annually.

1. The Scherer plant in Juliet, GA -- 25.3 million tons
2. The Miller plant in Quinton, AL -- 20.6 million tons
3. The Bowen plant in Cartersville, GA -- 20.5 million tons
4. The Gibson plant in Owensville, IN -- 20.4 million tons
5. The W.A. Parish plant in Thompsons, TX -- 20 million tons
6. The Navajo plant in Page, AZ -- 19.9 million tons
7. The Martin Lake plant in Tatum, TX -- 19.8 million tons
8. The Cumberland plant in Cumberland City, TN -- 19.6 million tons
9. The Gavin plant in Cheshire, OH -- 18.7 million tons
10. The Sherburne County plant in Becker, MN -- 17.9 million tons
11. The Bruce Mansfield plant in Shippingport, PA -- 17.4 million tons
12. The Rockport plant in Rockport, IN -- 16.6 million tons
("Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Power Plants Rated Worldwide")
There are no instant solutions for climate change . However, switching to renewable energy, using energy- efficient products , and even using water efficiently can reduce people's carbon footprint drastically. Dr. David Wheeler and the CGD, the Center for Global Development, has made CARMA, a database which is helping to minimize global warming, and climate change by recording all emissions from power plants around the world. "CARMA makes information about power-related CO2 emissions transparent to people throughout the world," says Dr. Wheeler, an expert in the use of public information disclosure to reduce pollution. "Information leads to action. We know that this works for other forms of pollution and we believe it can work for greenhouse gas emissions, too." ("Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Power Plants Rated Worldwide") President Obama has also released a plan to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and prepare the U.S for climate change.
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