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Copy of Kagan Cooperative Learning Presentation

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Jeremy Larson

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Kagan Cooperative Learning Presentation

Paris Union School District 95 Kagan Strategies
for cooperative learning Are Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies effective in establishing on-task behavior during instruction? TOPIC QUESTION: What is Cooperative Learning? ROUND ROBIN What new teaching
strategies have you used
this year? RALLY ROBIN What is your favorite movie and why? P.I.E.S P - Positive Interdependence you are all needed to get it done. I - Individual Accountability S - Simultaneous Interaction E - Equal Participation you all need to know the answer you all need to share the work you are all working at the same time Kagan strategies are all based around the central concept of P.I.E.S. Kagan Cooperative Learning is a cooperative learning system designed to maximize student involvement and engagement. What/Who is KAGAN? MIX - PAIR - SHARE
(timed pair share) How can we ensure our school is a safe learning environment? MENTAL MATH Kagan Grouping Strategies STAND UP - HAND UP - PAIR UP
(rally robin) NAME AS MANY CANDY
BARS AS YOU CAN! How has working through today's activities made you re-think group work? A learning situation where students support and rely on each other to reach a goal (Slavin, 1983). Unlike individual and group work, it is non-competitive and seeks to develop positive interdependence (Kagan, 1995). 10 MINUTE CHUNKS ARE IMPORTANT! Why is cooperative learning
beneficial to the student? Team Stand-N-Share Why did you
go into
education? RALLY COACH Three-Step Interview KAGAN STRATEGIES Heterogeneous Teams Spencer Kagan, (1994) Cooperative Learning. Jane Nakagawa, (2003) Spencer Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structures "Kagan's approach to cooperative learning is a structured peer interaction emphasizing positive human relationships." "Cooperative Learning is a positive, proven response to the most pressing crises facing our world today." What does Rally mean? What does Round mean? RECAP Carol Jones, Amy Perry, Jerry Whitacre, Jeremy Larson What is a structure? What is the P in PIES? What is the S in PIES? What is mix-pair-share? What does Robin mean? All - Write -Round Robin The Four Major Types of Teams Random Teams Student - Selected Teams Homogeneous Teams POEMS FOR 2 VOICES Wrapping it up! -Student Engagement
-Hundreds of structures
-Social Skills
-Long-Term Retention
-Lesson Chunking
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