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James Madison Foreign Policy

No description

phil denelsbeck

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of James Madison Foreign Policy

James Madison Foreign Policy
Sara Blackman, Phil Denelsbeck, Rebecca Markham
-Was 4th President
-Deemed "Father of the Constitution"
-Wrote 26 of the Federalist Papers
-Helped establish Democrat-Republican Party
-Structured Bill of Rights
Background: James Madison
Non-Intercourse Act
-replaced the Non-Intercourse Act and reopened trade with Britain and France
-became law on May 14, 1810
-attempted to stop Britain and France from capturing American ships during the Napoleonic Wars
Macon's Bill Number 2
-The US used the Macon's Bill Number 2 as a sort of competition between France and Britain
-Whichever country could regularize trade with the US first 'won'. The other country had the Non-Importation Act imposed upon them.
-France jumped on opportunity and the Non-Intercourse Act was placed on Britain, which pushed towards the war.

Macon's Bill Number 2 Cont.
War of 1812
-British Imprisoning American Sailors and seizing goods
-Madison asked congress for Declaration of War
-Americans did well at sea
-British took Detroit and the Marched on Washington and Burned the White House

-At first, Madison attempted to enforce the Non-Intercourse Act, which prevented trade with England and France
-France and England were seizing American ships because they were at war and wanted to prevent American trade with their enemy

Outcomes of War of 1812
-Boosted morale and Nat'l pride
-Made Europe respect the United States
Born: March 16th 1751
Died:June 28th 1863
Inaugurated: March 4th 1809
Stepped Down: March 4th 1817
Married to: Dolley Madison
Education: Princeton University, 1769-1771
Overall Foreign Accomplishments as President
Foreign Policy accomplishments:
-Signed Macon Bill No.2
-Led the nation through the war of 1812
Causes of War of 1812
-British were preventing US trade
-British were capturing American ships
-America wanted to expand
War of 1812
-Americans were able to suppress attacks on New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans
-This gave a sense of patriotism
-sometimes considered 2nd war of independence
Treaty of Ghent
-February 17, 1815
-ended the war
-didn't answer many of the questions that caused the war
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