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Black Bat Flower

No description

Cheyenne Laurel

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower Where is it found? -Origin: Southeast Asia
-It's natural habitat is a rain forest, and it grows wildly in the tropical rainforest of the Yunnan Province, China. What family does it belong to? It belongs to the 'dioscoreaceae' family. Look The flower has dark green leaves that are paddle shaped and pleated. It has bell shaped flowers. It has black whiskers that can grow up to 28 inches and it's virtually stemless. It can grow as tall as 3 feet and as wide as 12 inches. The filaments in the middle of the flower look like a flying bat. 3 How does it Reproduce? It is thought to be pollinated by flies but some are self pollinating. Plant Status The black bat flower is rare and endangered in habitat. What makes it unique? It's scientific name is Tacca chantrieri and it is a very exotic tropical plant that is related to yams. It prefers shade and likes to stay moist but not soggy.
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