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Science Rainforest

Prathekaah Senthitseyon

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Rainforest

THE RAINFOREST! By: Prathekaah Senthitseyon The rainforest is a forest that has many tall trees. The climate is very hot and humid. The rainforest has many animals and plants. The reason it is called a "rain"forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets per year. Rainforests are the source of many items that we all use in our homes! Many medecines are found in the rainforest. The interactions in a rainforest! The climate in most rainforests are very warm and humid due to the amount of rainfall and the moisture coming from the many trees. Since the climate is hot, the animalsand plants that exist there must learn to adapt to the climate and the habitat. The animals depend on each other and the plants to get the nutrients and food that they need. What is a Rainforest? The 4 different layers in the rainforest! 1. Emergent Layer 2. Canopy Layer 3. Understory Layer 4. Forest Floor Emergent Layer The tallest trees are as much as 200 feet above the forest floor with trunks that measure 16 feet around. Most of these trees are Evergreens. There is alot of sunlight up there. Animals that are found there are..... Eagles Monkeys Butterflies Canopy Layer This is the primary layer of the rainforest and performs as a roof for the other 2 remaining layers. Its a maze of leaves and branches. Many animals live in this area because the food is abundant. Animals found in this layer are.... Snakes Toucans Treefrogs Understory Layer Only a bit of sunshine reaches this area, so the plantshave to grow larger leaves to reach the sunlight. The plants in this area grow up to 12 feet. There is a large amount of insects that live here. Animals that are found in this layer are.... Jaguars Red-eyed tree frogs Leopards Forest Floor Its very dark down here. As a result, almost no plants grow in this area. Since hardly any sun reaches the forest floor, things begin to decay quickly. A leaf that might take 1 year to decompose in a regular climate will disappear in 6 weeks. An animal that lives in this area is.... Giant anteaters Where some rainforests are located The Amazon Rainforest is found in Peru.

The Mangrove Rainforest is found in East Asia. The Rainforest of Madagascar is found on an insland in Africa.

The Australasian Rainforests are found in parts of Australia. Rainforests are also located in..... * Brazil * India * Mexico
* Indonesia * Colombia * Venezeula
* Malaysia * Congo * Guyana Why are rainforests getting endangered? Many rainforests are endangered because many trees are being cut down. Many rainforests are also getting polluted. We, humans are mostly getting rid of rainforests so that we could make more space for them to build condo's and etc. How does this effect the animals? This effects the animals that live in the rainforest because their habitats are getting taken away and many resources that they need are taken away by us. Which means that they have to go and find new habitats. Not only that but we are creating pollution and pollution is not good or healthy for the animals. Animals found in Rainforests! Plants found in Rainforests! Thank You for Listening to my Presentation! By: Prathekaah Senthitseyon 7-2 Hope you enjoyed!!!
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