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Cristiano Ronaldo

No description

deyaneris manzueta

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo: Sports Role Model


* "[...], in the 2007-2008 season, with forty two goals in forty nine matches, including his first hat trick (scoring three time in a game) on January 12, 2008, in a match against Newcastle United"

Points in Cristiano's Career

*Ballon d'or, 2008
*Bardays Merit award, 2007-2008
*European Golden Boot, 2007-2008
*FIFA team player of the year, 2008
*FIFA world player of the year, 2008
*PWA footballer of the year, 2006-2007
*PFA fans' player of the year, 2007-2008


Essential Question

*In what way or ways did Cristiano Ronaldo contribute to or influence on sports and/or history?
*He influenced sports by setting a good example
*He was young and successful
*He worked hard
*His family was working class and he still did his best to success
*After he won an award he continued to work and improved.

Influence on Sports/History
*Portuguese footballer
*Born on February 5, 1985 (age 28)

ways cristiano contribute to or have an influence on sports and/or history
*Cristiano Ronaldo proves that with hard work and discipline anyone can success

*he shows that even after achieving success anyone can still continue to improve
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