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rhetorical device

Miho Akaishi

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of malapropism

by Miho Akaishi Malapropism the usually unintentionally humorous misuse or distortion of a word or phrase; the use of a word sounding somewhat like the one intended but wrong in the context

the incorrectly used word should still be a word....so no made up words
the word used should sound like the correct word and have the same rhythm when spoken What is Malapropism? FROM LITERATURE EXAMPLES For comic effect
Makes you think about what the author is trying to say Purpose and Effects FROM MEDIA EXAMPLES In the play Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare’s character Dogberry says, "Our watch, sir, have indeed comprehended two auspicious persons."
Instead, what the character means to say is “"Our watch, sir, have indeed apprehended two suspicious persons." (note: also called dogberryism b/c Shakespeare's character Dogberry used it so much in this play) FROM MODERN FAMILY EXAMPLE doggy dog world -> dog eat dog world
blessings in the skies -> blessings in disguise
carpool tunnel syndrome -> carpal tunnel syndrome
gargol -> gargoyle
undermating -> undermining
mixing pot -> melting pot
haha moment -> aha moment
downside up -> upside down
knickers knackers -> knick knacks
handover maneuver -> Heimlich Maneuver
old tomato -> ultimatum take out paper for next part whoever gets 4 written down... comes from a character named Mrs. Malaprop, who continually uses words incorrectly in Richard Sheridan’s play The Rivals (1775)
French phrase mal a propos, means “bad for the purpose” Background Work Cited

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Thefunkypineapple. “The Many, Many, Many Mispronunciations of Gloria from Modern Family.” Youtube. n.p. 20 March 2012. Web. October 15 2012 Definition You Should Also Know.. Catachresis Similar Words misuse of words in a phrase with a unique meaning or idea. Spoonerism words or phrases where the order of the sounds are mixed up Mondegreens Mishearing of a word or phrase (usually in a song lyric) California Gurls, "Bikinis, Tankinis, Martinis" "Bikinis, Tankinis, Zucchinis."
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