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Copy of Eritrea

No description

Winta T

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Eritrea

Eritrea, Hagere Ertra, Dawlat Iritriya
1.2 General
- there are 9 different ethnic groups:
Tigrinya (50%), Tigre (30%), Saho (5%), Afar (5%), Hedareb (5%), Bilen (2%), Kunama (2%), Nara (1.5%) and Rashaida (0.5%)
- motto: "Awet'na Hafash!"
- national Day of Independence: 24th May

2. Population
- Eritrea has a population of about 5 million
- 800 000 people are living in foreign countries (USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia)
- official languages are: Tigrinya, Arabic and English
- languages of other ethnic groups are also with equal rights
- there are 50% of Christians (mostly coptic orthodox, some also cotholic or protestant)
- the other half constists of Muslims
(mostly Sunits)

1. General
2. Population
3. Culture
4. Economy
5. History
6. Sources
7. Quiz
1. General
- Eritrea is located in north-east Africa
- it borders upon Sudan in the west and in the north, in the south upon Ethiopia, in the south-east upon Djibouti and in the east upon the Red Sea
- the Capital is Asmera

- There a special traditions like the wedding, coffee ceremonies and festivals
- Eritrea is also known for its food, clothes, hair-styles and music

3.1 Coffee ceremony
- called 'bun' in Tigrinya
- they are done on Sundays or on holiday
- also popcorn is made, called 'imbaba' in Tigrinya
- a normal coffee machine isn't used here, 'bun' is made my special tools
3.2 Food
Kitcha Fit Fit
3.3 Typical Tigrinya dress and hairstyle
3.4 Music
- There are different kinds of
music e.g. Guayla
- Famous singers are: Helen Meles, Korchach, Feven Tsegay
4. Economy
- Eritrea's president is Isseyas Afewerki
- Eritrea is still rebuilding from the 30-years
Independence War
- countries are now interested in trading because of its
many natural resources like oil and gold
- big problems with illiteracy and developement
- has to depend on market reform, international sanctions, global food prices and success at addressing social problems
- economy under control of the political party EPLF
- factories mostly produce vegetables, corn,cotton,livestock, goats and fish
- high inflation rate, refugees are returning
President Issayas Afewerki
Coastline Sadla Island
5. History
1890-1941 - Italy colonized Eritrea
- occupied Ethiopia
- chased people away from their
home to build e.g. the Cathedral
1941-1952 - Britain took control of Eritrea
- helped Ethiopia to liberate from Italy
1952 - UN federated Eritrea and Ethiopia
- Ethiopia soon federated that arrangement
1963-1993 - Eritrea fought for their independence
- in between this time there was a civil war
of the EPLF and the ELF
1998-2000 - the return of war:more deaths as in the 30-years
war, Ethiopia wanted to stop the import to Eritrea,
started with a small incident on the border
rebuilding - Wiederaufbau
natural resources - Bodenschätze
illiteracy - Analphabetentum
market reform - Marktreform (Besserung des
international sanctions - internationale
global food prices - weltweite Lebensmittelpreise
success at addressing social problems - Erfolg
auf Bewältigung der sozialen Probleme
political party - politische Partei
cotton - Baumwolle
livestock - Vieh
goats - Ziegen
inflation rate - Inflationsrate
refugees - Flüchtlinge
(to) colonize - kolonisieren, besiedeln
(to) occupy - einnehmen, besetzen
(to) chase sb. away - jm. verjagen
(to) liberate from sb./sth. - sich von
etw./jm. befreien
(to) federate - vereinigen, verbünden
civil war - Bürgerkrieg
return - Rückker
import - Import, Einfuhr
incident - Vorfall
http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5070/5774333018_c9105c8f01_o.jpg http://www.ericlubs.com/uploads/photos/helen_resized.jpg
6. My sources
Thank you for
I hope you enjoyed
my presentation!
7. Quiz
Which two countries colonized Eritrea?
When became Eritrea its independence?
How long took the Independence War?
How do you call coffee in Tigrinya?
Who is the president of Eritrea?
What's Eritrea famous for?
Which dish is eaten everyday in Eritrea?
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