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Violent Winter Weather: Knickerbocker Storm

Taylor Bucy and Tyairra Rider's science project

Taylor Bucy

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Violent Winter Weather: Knickerbocker Storm

Knickerbocker Violent Winter Storm of 1922
Taylor and Tyairra Period 4 Other Information How to Handle Future Events Impact of Weather Technology Manmade Conditions and/or Local Conditions Personal Interest Story The Knickerbocker Theatre Where Changes in Weather Prior to When Geography and Time The Storm occurred in 1922. It started on
January 27th and headed north until the morning of
January 29th when the storm finally came to an end. The week prior to The Knickerbocker Storm,
the air temperatures were really cold and the
air pressure was low. The theatre was a new building during the storm being built in 1917. It's one structural downfall was having a flat roof. During the storm, the snow built up on top and the roof finally collapsed. This event killed 98 people and around 133 people were injured. This area had not recently experienced a huge storm such as this one. They were not prepared and this definitely impacted the outcome. The flat roof on the building was just a bad idea. Ernesto Natiello was the new conductor at the Knickerbocker Theatre and his brother Oreste was in the orchestra. One of the audience member's was named William Morris who was a retired coal miner. During the performance William said he heard the familiar noise of something falling from above. He turned and ran while Natiella was instantly killed by the collapsed roof. Oreste survived but a steel beam sliced off his entire right arm. William was extremely fortunate and he survived because of his tuned ears. He said after the collapse that "I can't forget that orchestra leader with that cloud forming just above his head." After Oreste fully recovered he continued on with his life and tried to forget about this horrible event. One important and obvious thing people learned was not to build a flat roof!!!!!!!! The importance of this was stressed after the collapsed roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre. Affects on People What is a Blizzard? A blizzard is a severe snowstorm that includes very low temperatures and wind gusts over 35 mph. Another characteristic a blizzard must have is that the visibility is less than 400 m for at least 3 hrs. A blizzard occurs around 10.7 times a year in the U.S.

"The difference between the lower pressure in the storm and the higher pressure to the west creates a tight pressure gradient, which in turn results in very strong winds."
-www.weather.com Bibliography The weather technology was not sophisticated or good enough at the time of the Knickerbocker storm. After the storm, weather technology has improved to lessen the death count and to help people prepare. Ambrose, Kevin. "Knickerbocker Snowstorm: The Final Performance."
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"Weather.com - Storm Encyclopedia -." Weather.com - Storm Encyclopedia -. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Jan. 2013. The Knickerbocker Storm occured in the mid-atlantic region between Virginia and Pennsylvania. The Washington D.C.- Baltimore area got hit the worst. The storm is included in the top 10 worst winter storms in the U.S.
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