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First Prezi

here is my first prezi I am really just tring it out and seing how it works .

Hannah G

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of First Prezi

Claude Monet (on Left) Claude Monet He was an impressionest .
Here is some of His work. Dates Claude Monet was born Claude-Oscar Monet in November 14th 1840 on the 5th floor of 45 rue Laffite Paris,France. Fact File Born:14 Nov 1840
Birthplace: Paris, Francs
Died: 5 Dec 1926
location of death: Giverny,France.
Cause of death: lung cancer.
Remains: are beried Giverny church cemetery, Giverny,France.
Gender: male.
Nationality: France.
Executive Summary: "The water lilies"
Father: Claude-Adolphe Monet
Mother: Louise-Justine Aubrée
Son: Jean Monet.
Wife: Camille Doncieux (m. 1870)
Son: Michel Monet.
Wife: Alice Hoschedé (m. 1892.
Suicide Attempt 1868.
Risk factors: Depressions.
Claude Monet 1. Claude Monet was and still is one of the most famous artists of his time.
He painted for money, but he also liked to paint for the joy of it. If you go to
a museum you may see most of his paintings are scenes of water and nature.This is because he liked the way the outdoors looked in different seasons and lights.

He was one of the painters who first invented Impressionism
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