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Salome The White Mountains

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Salome The White Mountains

The White Mountains
By: John Christopher
Main Character
The main character or this book is Will
Parker. He is the main character of the book because he tells the story in his point of view(as if he were talking). He is also the one who kills a tripod at the middle of the story, and he wants to go the white mountains before getting capped, to be free.
Vocabulary Words From the Book

Contraption: a machine or device that appears strange.

Drifting: walk slowly, aimlessly or casually.

Slopes: place or arrange in such a position or inclination.

Noticeable: easy seen or noticed.

Gradient: the rate of such a change.

Articulated: expressed, put into word.

Rebellious: not easy to keep in place.

Imposed: demanding their attention.

Cabled: to send a message be cablegram.

Roasted: be cooked in such a way.

Consolation: The state of being consult.

Hostile: Characteristic of an enemy.

Conquer: To over come by force.

Peasants: A member of a class of persons.

Medieval: Very old fashioned.

Intractable: Not easy controlled or directed.

Relaunch: An act or instance to through again.

Brief: Lasting or taking a short time

Proposed: To offer or suggest.

Puzzled: A puzzling matter, question or person.

Good or Bad?
I think that the main character is good because he is very calm, innocent and treats people correctly (some times though) He survives with his mean cousin Henry, while their trip to the white mountains, so that is why I think he is good.
Where does the book take place?
At the begging of the book, the setting takes place in Winchester, but when the main character travels to the white mountains there are different and interesting settings.
What's the problem?
The problem of the book is that Will(main character) wants to be free, before being capped by the tripods who rule the entire earth. After taking a final decision, he goes out of the city, tiring to find the white mountains with Henry and Beanpole
The high point of the book (for me) was when that gigantic tripod grabbed Will and almost killed him, but he took out an egg that will kill the tripod, and he through it, making it stop and die, and Will saved himself.
Science Fiction
This book is a science fiction because of what it contains. Examples:
There are tripods who have advanced technology
It also contains future information
And they have objects that could work for the future.

I think the characters are true ( they could be in the real human world) because any human (at least everybody) in something wants to be free, so Will Parker had the idea, before being capped, to escape and find the freedom he needs, so that is why I think he could be realistic.
Salome meets Beanpole
I will like to meet the character called Beanpole.
I will like to meet him to ask him some questions about his life and a little more about the tripods ( if he knows) I also think he is very funny too.

Any character?
I really like the character called Beanpole, because he is very funny and active (in my opinion) He gets along well with Will and Henry, and he tells them a little bit of information about the tripods, and leads them to the White Mountains.
5 important things
1. An important thing that happens in Will`s life was the journey to the White Mountains.
2. Meeting Beanpole was also very important in the book while he traveled.
3. Killing the tripod with Henry and Beanpole, saving their life.
4. Knowing important info about the tripods in the trip.
5. Getting to the White Mountains.

My Opinion
My opinion of this book is that the book was fabulous, because it has different events tha are funny in the book, and it makes you realize waht the tripods really are, and there is a title bit of action, witch I really like. I am very proud I chose this book to read!
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