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Who I Am? | Mine Noyola

No description

Mine Noyola

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Who I Am? | Mine Noyola

Who I Am? | Mine Noyola
More Favorite Stuff-
Hey! There´s More!
Hi there!
Hi! My name is Minerva, in this Prezi I'll show you a little about me... :)
Enjoy it! <3
Simple Things About Me
Well... I'm 14 years old.
But I don´t care that much about my age... I have friends from all the ages!

Favorite Animal
Well My favorite animal is the cat :3
I don´t know why... they are just so fluffy and cute!!!
Also, I love foxes :D They have a unique style and movement.
A fox is perfect to draw!
Well... I love to draw!
I <3 doing arts and crafts stuff!

I mostly draw MLP:FiM Stuff and animals of all kind!
MyLittlePony:Friendship is Magic is my favorite TV show :)
I love the art, music and more stuff from the brony Fandom!

More Stuff About Me
*I love to speak in public, oratories and speeches.
*I like to declamate poetry
*I love taking care of animals.
*Also I watch TV shows like: Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, How I meet your Mother, Over The Garden Wall and more! :D
*My favorite band is :PANIC!AT THE DISCO!!!! <3
Favorite Food
I love all the food that Involves Mexican Food :)
Any Sisters or Brothers?
Well... Yeah :D
I have a little brother and a older sister!
They both are kind of nice to me...
Happy BirthDay!
I was Born in May 15 of 2002! :D

Any plans for the future?
I want to work in the future in a 2D cartoon
I would like to be a producer, an animator or character designer.
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