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No description

Sze Hui Tan

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Mastercare

General Environment (PESTEL)
Industry Environment
Threats of Entry
Supply-side economies of scale
Demand-side benefits of scale
Low capital requirements
Unequal access to distribution channels
Threat of Substitutes
Need of cleaning services
Few private cleaning companies exist in Kuching
Power of Suppliers
Low bargaining power
Other suppliers offer diverse products
Power of Buyers
Number of buyers increases
Price insensitive
Moderate industry growth
Emerging cleaning companies in Kuching
High price competition
Porter's Five Forces
Tax exemption
Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA)
Government encourages foreign investments
Macroeconomic policies
Budget settlement
Regulatory standards on cleanliness drive demand
Lower income taxes
National minimum wage
Health, Safety & Environment Protection
Business tax increases
Legislations on safe chemicals
More stable economy growth
Business confidence rises
Income increases
Real household disposable income rises
Labour force & Energy cost increase
Price competition
Consumer demand & income arises
Growing importance of customer service
Emergence of one-stop shopping
Value for money
Shifting demographics
Changing perceptions of health & wellbeing
Higher expectations of probity in public life
Number of aging population rises
Women ret to workforce
Companies tend to hire professional personal
Widespread use of technology
IT & communication advances
Advances in service delivery technology
Innovation is key for success
Cost of capital & investment
Effective communication technology
Widespread of sustainable procurement
Trend of tailoring more sustainable practices
Green cleaning increases
Climate change
Carbon footprint
Different way of cleaning
Obey rules & regulation imposed by Malaysian government
Child labour & discrimination will not be tolerated
All Stars
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix
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