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House of Atreus

No description

Joyce Yi

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of House of Atreus

( U n c l e a r )
House of Atreus
Pittheus & Troezen
King of Lydia
Greatly favoured by the gods
Could dine with them on Olympus
Was told the secrets of the gods
Committed three crimes
Stole the gods' nectar and ambrosia
Told mortals the secrets he was entrusted withe
He killed his son Pelops, boiled him, and served him to the gods to test their omnipotence.
Punished severely in Tartarus
Stands in the middle of a pool with fruit trees around
Eternal hunger and thirst
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Brought back to life by the gods
Was missing a shoulder after reassembled
Demeter accidentally ate it
Happy in marriage after wooing Princess Hippodamia
Dangerous, he had to race her father for her
Myrtilus - the king's charioteer - was bribed by Hippodamia
Pelops accidentally killed Myrtilus
Some say he caused his family to be cursed
Becomes king of Pisa
Looked like she was favored (like Pelops)
Happy in marraige with Amphion (co-king of Thebes)
Had 7 sons and 7 daughters
She became arrogant b/c of them
Hubris grew
Leto only had 2 children, but she had 14
Claimed a temple of Leto's as hers
Better than Leto
Leto sent Apollo and Artemis to kill her children
Niobe was extremely hurt - her pride was dead
Wept and got turned to stone forever wet with tears
The two brothers fought over kingship of Mycenae
Atreus' wife (Aerope) fell for Theyestes
Made her unfaithful
Atreus found out
"He killed his brother's two little children, had them cut them limb from limb, boiled, and served up to their father."
Dun dun DUN
Some info
The House of Atreus is a major family in mythology.

They're pretty gruesome and inhumane.
If you are sentimental or sensitive in any way, we advise you to exit the room immediately (we won't miss you ).

If you are sadistic and cruel, please... stay and.......

~~ Hu, Su, Sru, & Yu
For the people
((jk don't actually do it... you know you want to stay))
Menelaus and his brother fared very differently
Initially less fortunate
Lost his wife, Helen
Got her back after Trojan War
Ship got blown to Egypt by Athena's storm
Eventually made it back home and prospered

King of Mycenae
At first very fortunate
Voyage was safe
Welcomed home as a hero
Wife had been unfaithful
Clytemnestra sought revenge for Iphigenia
Murdered Agamemnon and Cassandra brutally w/ her lover
Wife of Agamemnon, daughter of Leda and Tyndareus
Was unfaithful
Lover = Aegisthus
Son of Theyestes
Killed Agamemnon and Cassandra
Thought herself an executioner representing justice for Iphigenia
Agamemnon had insulted Artemis
Bad winds
A) Sacrificed to appease Artemis
B) Not sacrificed, but taken to the Taurians last minute by Artemis
Made a priestess there - sacrifice Greeks
Orestes and Pylades came under command of Apollo
Iphigenia talked to them
They discovered her identity
Planned to escape
Take them to be "purified"
Said must be alone
Got on ship and left
Aegisthus didn't kill Electra
He made her life horrible
Hoped Orestes would come back soon
Avenge Agamemnon
Gave Orestes all of her love
Would've been killed by Aegisthus
Sent to a friend
Torn and conflicted
His duty to avenge his father's murder
Abhorrent to murder one's own mother
Went to Delphi for Apollo's advice
Told to avenge Agamemnon
Killed Clytemnestra
Haunted by the Furies
Wandered in misery and pain for years
Went to Athena to beseech purification
First of the house to suffer from guilt and seek cleansing
Ended the curse of the House of Atreus
Modern Day Uses of House of ATreus
A band is named House of Atreus
The word "tantalize" comes from the myth of Tantalus and his punishment.
Tantalus is the name of a mountain summit in Hawaii.
Shakespeare references Niobe in his play Hamlet ("Like Niobe, all tears" ).
Events between Atreus and Thyestes led to the creation of the term "Thyestean banquet," a meal where human flesh is served.
The Trojan War that Agamemnon and Menelaus took part in has many movies made about it.
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