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No description

Kayla Woodward

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of ALL TIME LOW

Alex Gaskarth Lead Singer and Rythem Guitar Jack Barakat Lead Guitar Zack Merrick Bass Rian Dawson Drums from Baltimore, Maryland
formed in high school during grade 9 (2003) in 2004 they.... Signed with Emerald Moon (2004-2006) Released debut EP : in 2005 they.... Released debut album: featuring - Circles in 2006 they.... Signed with Hopeless Records (2006-2010) Released in 2007 they.... Released : in 2009 they.... Released : The cover of AP magazine In 2010 they ... Released documentary: Released Unplugged session with MTV Signed with Interscope Records (2010 - 2012) In 2011 they... Released Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End The Party Scene Put Up or Shut Up So Wrong, It's Right Nothing Personal Straight to DVD Dirty Work In 2012 they... Signed back with Hopeless Records Don't Panic Released : Featuring - The Reckless and the Brave All Time Low T.V Appearances Festivals Warped Tour Bibliography http://www.bjwok.com/gigs/all-time-low-adelaide-soundwave-counter-revolution-october-%E2%80%9911/ http://littlemisskate.buzznet.com/photos/alltimelowheadlinesl/ https://www.facebook.com/alltimelow http://www.twitter.com/alltimelow http://prints.adamelmakias.com/Galleries/All-Time-Low/Spring-Fever-2013/28893918_V5V5Kn#!i=2515397939&k=zMJGCNW http://www.alternativepress.com ... plus they will be playing Touring From Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Formed in 2003 in grade 9 Featuring - Six Feet Under The Stars
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