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Contemporary Philippine Art

No description

Joma Saribong

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Contemporary Philippine Art

Contemporary Philippine Art PRE-WAR PERIOD VICTORIO EDADES (father of modern art)

-Harsh and agitated brush strokes

-Use of distorted figures

-do not take flight from pleasant daily scenery

-Muddy earth colors

-“Modern Art is an outgrowth of Classical Art. Modern Art is the interpretation of the Classical concept conditioned by the artist’s new experience with the aid of improved means of aesthetic expression.” POST-WAR PERIOD NAPOLEON ABUEVA (Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture)

-Kaganapan literally interprets the female reproductive function as a fulfillment to women

- used almost all kinds of materials from hard wood (molave, acacia, and bamboo) to adobe, metal, stainless steel, cement, marble, bronze, iron, alabaster, coral and brass. HERNANDO OCAMPO

-Invented a new mode of abstraction that exemplifies Philippine flora and fauna, and portrays sunshine, stars and rain

-Used movement and bold colors

-Utilized fantasy and science fiction as the basis for his works

-His art is described to be "abstract compositions of biological forms that seemed to oscillate, quiver, inflame and multiply" like mutations.
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