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Hound Dog

No description

Mike Graham

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Hound Dog

Hound Dogs are

By: Zoe Foxvog
Hound Dog Facts
The noises they make
Hound dogs have a loud bark and
they howl!
What hound dogs eat
1.A hound dog is really lazy
2.The main use of Hound Dogs is hunting and for pets
3.They have unique voices
4.Their ears are floppy
5. They can weigh about 50-65 pounds

Hound dogs eat dog food or everything, like my hound dog does!
1.My animal species is a hound dog.
2.My animal is an vertebrate.
3. My animal is warm blooded
4. They are found all around the world

About Hound Dogs
What do they look like
2. Its brown, white, and black
3. They are short, long, and have a big tail
4. They have big ears
1. It has long fur
How they act
They bark alot and only play a little before they lay down.
Hound dogs are really neat, my hound dog is name Millie. She is fun and likes to be petted and likes attention. She barks ALOT. My dog is really funny. If you can get a Dog; get a hound dog....they are cool!
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