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madison brown

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Attraction!


Video 1
video 2

(sorry I was never taught MLA format)
Topic 1
Who are they?
Attraction is a group of men and women who preform shadow theater dance performances. It was created in 2004 by Zoltán Szűcs and he made a group of twelve contemporary dancers in which eight preformed in Britain's Got Talent these dancers are: Torda Katalin, Tóth Alexandra, Fehér Norbert, Lakatos Andrea, Szűcs Zoltán, Szentinek Csaba, Szabados Flóra and Kántor Janka

Topic 2
What dance related accomplishments have they achieved in their life time?
Attraction rose to fame during the Hungarian Olympic Oath Ceremony for the London 2012 Games, they did a show demonstrating many traditional sports. Also, in 2012 Attraction come in 7th place in Germany's Got Talent. In 2013 they won Britain's Got Talent with the prize of £250,000 as well as the opportunity to perform in from of the Royal family in the Royal Variety Performance in November of 2013.
Topic 3
Where do they dance out of? Do they travel?

Attraction was formed in Austria-Hungary in a town named Budapest. They travel to many places to get their name out there. Some places they have traveled are Britain, Germany, and London. Unfortunatly they do not have their own studio they just have a small rehearsal room "filled with mouse and garbage" it is said if they win the money will help start their own club
Topic 4
When was their career? Were they pioneers in their genre?

Attraction is a recently formed group, created in 2004 to the present. They are considered to be pioneers in their genre because new technology such as coloured lights and black lights create original performances.
Topic 5
Why were they successful in their careers? Why did you specifically choose this group?
I think that they were successful in their career because of their originality and unique ability to tell a story through shadows. I chose this group because i admire their ablility to tell such beautiful stories and shapes with their bodies.
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