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Introduction to Course

No description

Elizabeth East

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Course

Introduction to Course
About Me
Course Description/Objectives
Classroom Policies
How to Succeed in this Course

Participation/Attendance: 20%
Quiz: 5% (taken at start of week 3)
Project 15% (early in semester)
Tests: 60% (4 tests at 15% each)
How to Succeed in this Course
Follow classroom policies
Come to class and participate
Do the assigned work and turn it in on time
Classroom Policies
Maintain a respectful and open classroom environment
Technological use to a minimum
No cheating or plagiarism
Late work not accepted. Period.
Make-up work and tests at my discretion
Lots of extra credit opportunities
(like, so many. Please do them!)
Course Description
Introductory Course in
Social Problems
Survey course of the sociological perspective on contemporary social problems
The dark side of social life
Course Description
Social Justice emphasis
What does
a just world
look like?
The lighter side of social life
Application of sociological perspective to multiple scales
How to Get the Most Out of this Course
Be open
to learn and understand the sociological perspective
(system-based approach)
Be willing to re-examine some of your own personal beliefs and experiences in a sociological context
E. East
Sociology 110
Course Sections
Section 1
Economic Inequality
Environmental Problems
Animals and Society
Section 2
Racial Inequality
Gender Inequality
Sexuality and Relationships
Section 3
Crime, Deviance, and Punishment
Higher Education
Participation and Attendance
Participation measured:
Contribution to in-class discussions and activities
Canvas statistics
Discussion questions on reading days -
turn-in on Canvas
Attendance measured:
Coming to class (on time) and staying in class the full class period
In-class assignments
Attendance sheets
20% of your grade
3 Tests cover sections 1, 2, 3
Final Exam is comprehensive
Each 15% each of your grade
Test Structure:
Multiple Choice
Extra Credit
Before Tests:
Test Review in class
Essay bank
Early Semester Project: Social History Paper
Project Purpose:
To understand the social factors that contributed to your upbringing, family, and personal history
Project details will be provided on Canvas and explained in class
15% of your grade
Together, 60% of your grade
Final Research Project: Everyday Sociology
Project Purpose:
To look at UT and Knoxville through a sociological lens
To understand social problems faced by and/or caused by people in our community
To understand the social groups and organizations working on these problems
Project details will be provided on Blackboard and explained in class

Sunday, September 10th by 11:59pm
Proposal due:
Wednesday, April 1

Final Project due:
Wednesday, April 29
15% of your grade
Disability Services
Contact the Office of Disability Services: 865-974-6087 in 227 Dunford Hall
Let me know what I need to know
: McClung Tower 915
Office Hours
: 12:30-1:30pm on Tuesdays and by appointment

About Me: Professionally
Elizabeth East
Dr. East
Qualitative Sociologist
Political Economy of the Environment
Political Sociology; Corporate Power
Came to Sociology through Activism
B.S. in Sociology, Tennessee Tech
M.A. in Environmental Sociology, UT
Ph.D. in Sociology, UT
About Me: Personally
31 yrs old
#3 of 4 kids
Middle-Class upbringing
Guitar, ukulele
Gardening/farm work
No Required Text
• Required readings available via course Canvas site

Suggested Readings:
• Frey, R. Scott, ed. 2014.
Readings in Social Justice
. Second Edition. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.
TR, Fall 2017

quiz at the beginning of week 3,
Tuesday, Sept 5th
Measuring sociological basics

If you miss, can be made up for 50% credit
5% of your grade
My Buddies: Joey,Tucker, and Nene
Introductory Section
Intro to Sociology
Grade Scale
90-100% - A
87-89% - B+
80-86% - B
77-79% - C+
70-76% - C
60-69% - D
Below 60% - F
grades are rounded up
Class Next Week:
Lecture: Intro to Sociology
Discussion over readings on the field of Sociology
Turn-in discussion questions
Counseling Services
Students who feel they may need counseling services should visit the Counseling Center’s website (http://counselingcenter.utk.edu/ or call 865-974-2196 for more information
Students receive
12 free sessions
each academic year

Let me know what I need to know
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